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Best places to visit in October...

Autumn is a delightful time to travel, as the season alters the appearance of landscapes across the globe, so exactly where are the best places to go on holiday in October?

New England is one of the most beautiful regions of North America to visit in autumn (or Fall, as our American cousins call it). From the middle of September to late October, the trees undergo a magical change, their leaves turning vivid shades of red, orange, ochre and gold; turning the forests, mountains and historic towns into unforgettable visions coloured with the stunning seasonal palette.

Visiting New England in the autumn provides a marvellous introduction to the arresting natural beauty of the north-eastern US states and the charming history and culture of its cities, towns and people. Travellers seeking a US adventure filled with incredible sights, sounds and experiences will be astonished by the glorious autumn colours of New England.

Japan receives a huge amount of visitors during April’s cherry blossom season, however it is as uniquely vibrant in the autumn when the leaves of the enticing maple and ginkgo trees gently turn red and yellow and beautifully transform the exquisite scenery to an enriching bright appearance. Attractions look particularly spectacular, including the Kenroku-en Garden, Korakuen Garden and Kairakuen Garden which are all fiercely alight with bright red colours and the gardens hidden waterfalls reflecting autumn’s exhibition of breathtaking colour in the waters.

It is springtime in New Zealand in October, meaning longer, warmer days and flourishing displays of nature. The country’s natural wonders are unmissable during this month including the snow-capped mountains, detailed fiords, bubbling thermal springs and beautiful vineyards. The Fiordland National Park, the largest of New Zealand’s National Parks, is renowned for its beautiful waterfalls; immense forest and range of rare birds all of which make a bright, colourful experience for travellers in October.

China is another best placed on the list of where to go on holiday in October as the comfortable temperature and little rainfall makes visiting monuments and attractions a pleasure. The remarkable Great Wall of China offers beautiful autumn scenery, and with the light temperature, excursions here are much more enjoyable. Other tourist attractions that make a warm, interesting discovery in October include the remarkable Giant Buddha in Leshan, the Forbidden City and the remarkable Panda Breeding Research Institute.

With the crisp winter in the UK, October is also a very justifiable time to embark on a sunny holiday and Greece is just the place. Titan’s Greek Island Medley tour peacefully visits Rhodes, Symi and Leros discovering medieval history, beautiful beaches and fascinating attractions, and the combination of beautifully-warm temperatures and delicious food, Greece makes for a mesmerising getaway.