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Places to travel in May...

May is off-season in most parts of the world, making it a great time to travel and avoid the crowds.  Europe is the ideal continent to explore during May, the weather is warming up but not as uncomfortable as the busier summer months, giving you a sense of freedom as you make your discoveries. 

Europe is a wondrous place for discovery in May; Italy is particularly fascinating at this time of year, especially the lavish Lakes - explored on Titan’s The Beauty of the Italian Lakes tour - that run through the elegant scenery Italy establishes in this spring month. Lake Como and Lake Maggiore glisten in the bright sea of green scenery and beautiful coloured flowers developing around them - and without the beaming heat of summer, they make a splendid place to wander and take in the tranquil Spring atmosphere. It’s not just the Lakes in Italy that are mesmerisingly-admirable, enjoying a delightful gondola ride through Venice’s awe-inspiring city, discovering Rome’s magnificent iconic structure that is the Colosseum, and exploring the beautiful art city of Florence - all make great discoveries in the cooling, not-so-busy atmosphere.

Sun-seekers will also be delighted by Europe’s destinations with a hotter holiday being on the cards as temperatures reach 20°c in a number of glistening holiday locations including Crete, Cyprus, Croatia and Portugal, join the stunning sandy beaches that you can guarantee won’t be as crowded as the approaching summer months.

Montenegro hosts an extravagant number of stunning sites and fascinating works of nature as well as the magnificent Lake Skadar National Park which boasts the largest lake in Southern Europe as well as being home to a number of beautiful birds providing the area with the title of ‘Europe’s top bird habitats’. May provides outstanding clear views of the 400 square kilometre area of steep, green mountains, sparkling waters, idyllic floating water lilies and enticing wildlife; renowned for being adored by nature lovers, this time of year exudes a perfect climate for outdoor exploring!

Also, surprisingly some of the best places to go on holiday in May are the ones that are perhaps on your doorstep, for example Kent’s majestic gem, Canterbury. Canterbury Cathedral dominates the clear blue May skyline, the historic monument is a wondrous place to leisurely explore along with a number of other fascinating fine architectures - some of which can be discover via a relaxing boat trip on the delightful waters of the city.

The Cotswolds is another perfect example of where to holiday in May with the effortlessly-outstanding natural beauty and rich history all a short journey away. Relax in the idyllic countryside and if you desire, explore the beautifully-flowing lakes, vibrant Spring green gardens and enthralling history, including the Sudeley Castle where the last of Henry VIII’s six wives, Katherine Parr, lies entombed in the 15th century church located here and the cottage of Shakespeare’s wife Anne Hathaway stands riddled with the history of their romance.