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Best places to visit in June...

If you're looking for the trip of a lifetime, June is a great time to head to Peru as this month celebrates the Festival of the Sun - held among the ruins of the fortress of Sacsayhuaman near Cuzco. Dating back to Inca times, the festival honours the god Inti, as well as marking the winter solstice and New Year; week-long celebrations culminate in major events on 24 June. June departures of our 'Footsteps of the Incas' tour, also take in Machu Picchu, which will see you admire the bright red fusions of colour blissfully filling the festive streets, a truly unforgettable experience.

Spain is also on the list of best places to go on holiday with the short-distance journey, rising temperature, sandy beaches and historical monuments all awaiting your visit. Seville, Spain’s splendid capital glows in June, making the outstanding attractions even more desirable including the Alhambra Palace, with the summer essence and striking green trees surrounding the structure it makes a delightful excursion.

The glorious beaches also lure both locals and tourists with the beaming Spanish sunshine, clear blue skies, glistening waters and elegant stretches of sand - the famous San Sebastian coastal town has a number of beautiful beaches particularly enjoyable at this time of year with the thriving restaurants and vibrant cultural scene filling the town with a unique, light-hearted atmosphere.

Greece also belongs in the category of where to holiday in June, with waves of blue filling the popular Greek Islands, including Santorini where the blue-domed churches, sparkling waters and clear skies mix provide a tranquil, bright scene for visitors and locals. Whether you relax on a sandy beach, wander the bustling towns or discover a historic monument, Greece will provide an exquisite holiday.

Madeira’s plant life is an absolute must-see, with the renowned Botanical Gardens showcasing an elaborate display of exotic range of 2,000 floras in bloom, and it is no surprise this gardener’s paradise is adored by visitors. The Gardens offer a scenic cable car journey presenting sub-tropical natural beauty, exquisite landscapes, views of the astonishingly-beautiful ocean and numerous colourful floras - which is a truly mesmerising experience in the warm, summer month of June.

If it isn’t just the sun you seek but rather scenery and adventure, Switzerland is a spectacular place to be in June. Clear views of the snow-capped mountains, lush-green landscapes and relaxing atmosphere can be enjoyed along with a scenic rail journeys.

Either way, whether it’s sun, history or beautiful landscapes you seek in June, Titan has plenty for you to choose from.