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Best places to visit in April...

April is the perfect month to visit Japan, as the start of spring is signalled by the blooming of the cherry blossom, or sakura, a breathtaking effulgence of delicate white and pale pink flowers which is celebrated nationwide with hanami flower-viewing parties and picnics beneath the trees. The event has deep social and cultural significance for Japanese people, and is an unforgettable sight along with being a vast tourist attraction due to its majestic aura.

Tulip season crops up everywhere when researching where to go on holiday in April, and The Netherlands appears first due to is effortless beauty of colourful, striking flowers blossoming all over the landscapes here. The Keukenhof Gardens, otherwise known as ‘the Garden of Europe’ showcases an elaborate array of bright tulips, as well as a variety of other beautiful flowers - including daffodils, hyacinths and orchids - lining the exquisite gardens. With more than 7 million bulbs blooming in spring, April really is an awe-inspiring time to witness The Keukenhof Gardens flower festival. This flourishing season is prevalent not only in the Netherlands; Tulips also bloom in its neighbour Belgium filling the already beautiful landscapes with delightful colours.

April is also when one of the world’s seven natural wonders is at its peak - Victoria Falls. In April, it forms the largest sheet of falling water in the world and is a spectacle not to be missed, and away from the busy season, April makes a pleasant visit.

River cruises in Europe are particularly popular at this time of year and there is no wonder why with the majestic scenery, rippling waters, and historic attractions. Titan’s Legendary Rhine and Moselle tour sets sail in April taking in the most spectacular scenery of five incredible countries, two exquisite rivers and numerous charming canals all on a journey from Amsterdam to Basel, the voyage also calls at amazing castles, medieval villages, historic sites and impeccable vineyards.

New Zealand is treated to sunny days and crisp blue skies that highlight the natural beauty of the country at this time of year. The most breathtaking sights include the snow-capped mountains, complex fiords, bubbling thermal springs and rich green valleys. Wildlife is wakened to the beautiful spring season and opportunities to see the rare flightless bird, the kiwi, arise at the Rainbow Springs wildlife habitat. New Zealand’s wondrous Bay of Island offers similar enticing wildlife opportunities with seal, dolphin and whale being frequently spotted here in April.

If you are wondering where to holiday in April, whether its tulip touring or roaming natural wonders, Titan has a number of great destinations for you to choose from.