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Up close and personal

Imagine the joy of seeing a brown bear sow strolling along the water’s edge 50 metres away, closely followed by comical misbehaving cubs that play-fight, eat things they’re not supposed to, or tread where they shouldn’t – an extraordinary moment.

Or, picture yourself trekking through the jungles of Uganda in search of mountain gorillas – so close to humans in their DNA – and making eye contact with one of these stately creatures. It can stir emotions and feelings that you cannot predict.

Many wildlife experiences around the world can be life-changing. But none more so than those which allow you to get so close to the animals in question that you can hear their individual communication, see their breathing, or even make that exclusive eye contact. When wild animals allow you the privilege of an up-close encounter, when they are happy for you to be in ‘their space’, special moments can happen – some that may affect your attitude to life itself. Closer, more intimate experiences with wildlife are few and far between – grab any opportunity with both hands.

Seeing orang-utans in the wild is often the highlight of a trip to Borneo. Their name translates as ‘man of the forest’, so it’s no surprise that you’ll usually find them up in the trees. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for them as we travel around the island, and see first-hand how rehabilitation centres are caring for injured and orphaned orang-utans, in the hope of saving these highly intelligent creatures from extinction.

95% wildlife focus

Wild Borneo

On this memorable tour, we’ll climb into ancient tree canopies, search for proboscis monkeys and pygmy elephants along remote rivers, and discover how centres care for the orang-utan and the world’s smallest bear.