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Extraordinary Oceans

Covering more than 70% of our Earth’s surface and holding 97% of the entire world’s water, some of our oceans are more mysterious and undiscovered than the great expanses of land. Yet, we do know that in many places they teem with a rich biodiversity of life and colour, creating worlds that are incredible to explore.

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef – the world’s single biggest structure made by living organisms – is one such example, where a snorkelling experience takes you straight into their underwater world for a privileged opportunity to explore.

Static ecosystems like the Great Barrier Reef can attract many marine visitors into their realm, but creatures that rely on constantly-moving food sources are required to move around the oceans with them. Cetaceans – the whales and dolphins of the ocean world – travel great distances during their lifetime in pursuit of their daily meals, and when they find them, their feeding events are a remarkable thing to witness. Knowing that you are watching behaviour in its most natural state is a memorable experience.