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Nature and Safari Tour Holidays

Imagine watching the sun rise over the Serengeti as you head off on safari, seeking out the ‘big five,’ passing giraffes grazing acacia trees, herds of zebras, powder-pink flamingos, and there, in the distance, your first sighting of a pride of wild lions. Feel the crisp Arctic air on your face as you swish across the Canadian tundra on a huskie-drawn sled and experience the thrill of encountering polar bears in their natural habitat. A flash of iridescent plumage, unfamiliar bird calls across the treetops and a host of colourful tropical blooms invite you to explore the rainforests and jungles of Costa Rica, while half a world away in India, the roar of the tiger can still be heard in the land by those who know where to look. Join Titan on one of our unforgettable nature holidays and discover the wonderful wildlife of our world for yourself.

Wildlife Around the World

Safaris and wildlife holidays around the world

Tuesday 21 September, 4pm

Seeing wildlife in their natural habitat remains one of the biggest influences of travel. A panel of Titan’s experienced product experts sit down to discuss some of the destinations around the world that offer incredible wildlife opportunities to help travellers decide what’s right for them. From seeing the Big Five, to off-the-beaten-track excursions, safaris in the Far East and Central American adventures, this talk is a must for travellers looking to plan their first or next safari holiday.

In Swahili, ‘safari’ means ‘journey’. Romantic and thrilling, a holiday that includes many of these journeys in search of wildlife is an experience that continues to grow in popularity.

So little and yet so much has changed in more than a century of African safaris – encounters that can also differ dramatically from country to country. Kenya’s lush Lake Naivasha , or Botswana’s vast birdlife in Chobe National Park at greater contrast to the parched Kalahari Desert.

The natural landscapes of Asia offer visitors a bounty of wonders. Beyond the buzzing super-cities, discover timeless jungles, deserts, mountains and coastlines, many protected in the form of national parks and reserves.

Unforgettable wildlife adventures are waiting to be discovered here, whether you’re exploring India’s lesser-known wildlife hotspots, including Pench National Park (where it is thought Rudyard Kipling found inspiration for ‘The Jungle Book’); searching for the ultimate prize of the Bengal tiger in the grassland’s of India’s Ranthambore National Park (also ideal for spotting leopards, sloth bears and abundant bird species).

Imagine the joy of seeing a brown bear sow strolling along the water’s edge 50 metres away, closely followed by comical misbehaving cubs that play-fight, eat things they’re not supposed to, or tread where they shouldn’t – an extraordinary moment.

Many wildlife experiences around the world can be life-changing. But none more so than those which allow you to get so close to the animals in question that you can hear their individual communication, see their breathing, or even make that exclusive eye contact. When wild animals allow you the privilege of an up-close encounter, when they are happy for you to be in ‘their space’, special moments can happen – some that may affect your attitude to life itself. Closer, more intimate experiences with wildlife are few and far between – grab any opportunity with both hands.

Covering more than 70% of our Earth’s surface and holding 97% of the entire world’s water, some of our oceans are more mysterious and undiscovered than the great expanses of land. Yet, we do know that in many places they teem with a rich biodiversity of life and colour, creating worlds that are incredible to explore.

Of all the world’s wildlife encounters, those that are not so easily attainable frequently feature higher up travellers’ wishlists. Places perceived as beyond our easy reach, have a mysterious draw and more often than not their unique setting or their remote location on our planet is what makes them so special - and ultimately the reason for our fascination. 

Visit some of these unique places with Titan, to uncover their mystery and discover why they are commonly referred to as holidays of a lifetime.

Whether you are in search of a great diversity of birds in one place, or looking for one specific bird species to tick off your ‘lifer’ list, birdwatching is an ever-growing theme for wildlife tours.

As a group of animals with so much variety, from tiny, delicate hummingbirds to majestic eagles, getting up close to birds is a fantastic experience. With over 10,000 species in the world, the biggest challenge is often choosing what, where and when – a decision that can be overwhelming.

We visit a number of world-renowned birdwatching areas and prime locations for spotting highlight species. We combine them with other aspects of the countries visited – including additional wildlife, fascinating cities, history and culture – and the appeal of these added elements can help to make your overall decision a little easier.

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