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12 Days of Blogmas

This Christmas, starting December the 1st, we’re bringing in the festive cheer with our new blog-orientated partnership – 12 Days of Blogmas. We’ve teamed up with 12 top bloggers, challenging them to create one post each focussing on a recipe or craft inspired by Europe’s famous Christmas markets. Think Munich’s bratwurst, Brussels’ spiced cider or Vienna’s succulent torte. For each and every day of Blogmas, you can expect to see posts from the world’s best bloggers who’ll be whipping up their own take on joyous holiday recipes.

Day 6 - Michele Obi 

Michele Obi is a lifestyle writer and professional blogger with over 12 years’ experience creating digital content. In 2003, she launched My Fashion Life – one of the UK’s leading fashion and lifestyle blogs – which has since gone from strength to strength, having been recognised by The Telegraph, the Daily Mail and The Guardian over the years. 

Michele has also worked on campaigns for brands such as Harvey Nichols, John Lewis and Victoria’s Secret. 
Michele Obi

When she’s not blogging, you’ll likely find her listening to Prince and eating sushi.

Twitter - @myfashionlife

Instagram - 

Laura Scott

Day 7 - Laura Scott

Laura Scott’s food blog, ‘How to cook good food’, is inspired by a career as a chef that spans back 20 years. It features recipes and photographs of her various concoctions from the past six years, while it was previously awarded the ‘Best of Pinterest 2016’ award in the baking category, beating strong competition from the likes of Mary Berry and Sainsbury’s Magazine.

Aside from blogging, Laura enjoys teaching both adults and children how to cook in the private classes she runs. You’ll more than likely find her in the kitchen testing new recipes and feeding her family of taste testers!

Day 8 - Elizabeth Lawton

Elizabeth is the author behind Elizabeth’s Kitchen Diary. She's an expat Canadian and, quite possibly, Britain's most northerly food blogger, writing from her kitchen table in the wild and remote Shetland Islands. She creates simple, home-cooking recipes using seasonal and local ingredients, on top of sharing her travel adventures from around the world.

Elisabeth Attia

When Elizabeth’s not busy in her kitchen she can be found out exploring on her mountain bike.

Stuart Foster

Day 9 - Stuart Forster

Go Eat Do is a travel and food blog, which was established by the award-winning writer and journalist Stuart Forster in 2013. More recently, Stuart was shortlisted for the Travel Blogger of the Year award at the 2017 Travel Media Awards. He specialises in writing about Canada, the Netherlands and Germany, where he previously spent five years living in Munich.

This Christmas, you’ll find Stuart visiting Christmas markets in Riga, Latvia, Bath and York.

Day 10 - Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones is a serial traveller always on the hunt for new culinary experiences. She runs the top UK travel blog, The Travelbunny, which is packed with wanderlust inspiration, food, photography and adventures for the over 40s. Her aim is to inspire others to travel and then give them the information, guides and tips they need to plan their own trips and make their own own unforgettable memories.

Suzanne Jones

Suzanne grew up just outside Brighton on the Sussex coast, which is probably why she never likes to be too far away from the sea.





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