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River Cruises Russia

Embark on an epic journey between the two great cities of Russia; St Petersburg and Moscow, on Titan’s Russian river cruise. As you cruise slowly down the wide, lazy-flowing river Neva, you’ll see some of the most spectacular architecture in Russia’s magnificent second city of St Petersburg. 

Cruises to Russia are likely to be an evocative experience, as you glide alongside the imposing granite embankments you’ll be struck by the audacious grandeur of this astounding city that offers insight into the true power of the Tsar’s.  

A St Petersburg cruise allows you a glimpse of the wealth of cultural and historic treasures that lie beyond the banks of the mighty river Neva. St Petersburg has been the site of so many significant events in Russian and European history it’s hard to believe it has only stood since 1703.

This remarkable city is reminiscent of a European capital, with its lavish baroque palaces, wide avenues and romantic canals; it is truly Russia’s ‘Window to the West’ - just as Peter the Great envisioned. It was these tranquil rivers, sheltered lakes and canals that allowed the Tsar’s to travel in such a luxurious manner between Moscow and St Petersburg.  Indeed a Russian River cruise may still be the most serene and rewarding way to travel between these cities.

As you leave the city behind and head into the countryside that makes up so much of this vast country you’ll see a different side of Russia. Here traditional villages and beautifully crafted 18th century wooden churches, made without nails, stand in stark contrast to the cities lavishness. Leaving the Neva behind your Russia cruise heads for the famous river Volga, and your journey to Moscow begins. 


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Steeped in over 850 years of tumultuous history Moscow is truly one of the world’s great cities. Iconic sights abound here, from the multi-coloured onion dome of St Basil’s cathedral, to the imposing bastion walls of the Kremlin and the immense Red Square.  

In Moscow, you’ll have opportunity explore the beauty of St Basil’s Cathedral, take a tour of Russia’s most famous Kremlin, perhaps the oldest and most charming part of the capital. There will also be plenty of time to explore Moscow’s famous museums and galleries, whose treasures include the world’s largest collection of Faberge eggs. 

Our expertly crafted tour is the perfect way to get the best of these two incredible cities and Moscow’s cultural and historic wealth is the perfect way to end your luxurious Russia river cruise.