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Norwegian Cruise Lines with Titan

For almost half a century Norwegian Cruise Line has prided itself on bringing innovation to the cruise industry, revolutionising the way travellers experience holidays by sea.With an emphasis on flexibility, its Freestyle Cruising® concept affords an incomparable level of freedom to tailor your cruise experience ensuring that, no matter where your journey takes you, comfort and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Feel Free is all about doing exactly what you want, when you want and with whomever you want when you’re on Norwegian Cruise Line. Given the myriad of exciting, delicious and relaxing options available, guests start each day with endless possibilities. No matter what the question, our answer to our guests is always: FEEL FREE! Feel like a dip instead of dinner? FEEL FREE! Norwegian Cruise Line offers you a more flexible cruising experience, so you can create the best holiday ever – the one that’s just perfect for you. 

Feel like cruising on a ship that always looks shipyard fresh? Feel Free. Norwegian Cruise Line has one of the most modern fleets afloat offering stylish, contemporary ships packed with innovations, experiences and even surprises. What’s more is they're investing millions of dollars to ensure that older ships are right up there with new additions.

Norwegian Cruise Line understands that each and every passenger that sails with them is unique. That’s why, with a superb range of accommodations, guests are able to select the stateroom that’s right for them. From comfortable yet affordable inside staterooms to luxurious Mini-Suites and beyond, for every cruising style there is an accommodation to suit.

  • Oceanview and inside staterooms: Comfort and excellent service come as standard in all accommodation options, even if you choose the most affordable staterooms.So if you’re looking for a place to rest your head at a great price, how about an Oceanview Stateroom with a picture window or porthole and a lovely view of the sea?
  • Mini- Suits and balcony staterooms: Larger than a stateroom and more affordable than you think, Mini-Suites offer a little extra dimension of luxury. Relax in your larger sitting area, step out onto your private balcony to take in the ocean views and enjoy a more spacious bathroom, most of which come with a bathtub for soaking.
  • Suits: With expansive private balconies, living rooms and luxury bathrooms, you’ll find yourself a home away from home and then some. Add in butler and concierge service and suddenly you know the meaning of ‘living the high life’.

Norwegian Cruise Line