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Tours to Barcelona

Titan offers a selection of excellent escorted tours to Barcelona, Catalonia’s thriving capital, as well as river cruises and ocean cruises. With different durations, destinations and excursions; there are plenty of options for travellers to discover the city how you wish. 

Tours to Barcelona often embrace the diverse architecture; roam streets filled with Gothic churches and Antoni Gaudi’s modernist masterpieces. And they combine Barcelona’s vibrant culture and art scenes with opportunities to enjoy tapas in the endless selection of restaurants, and relax on the city’s own sun-drenched beach; located just 10 minutes from the centre is the Mediterranean coastline, edged with beachside bars and restaurants.

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About Barcelona

Barcelona has come a long way from its Neolithic origins, long before the Romans arrived during the 1st century BC and named the city Barcino. The ruins of the large Roman wall can still be seen in the old town. During the medieval era, Barcelona was at the forefront of political and economic success in the Western Mediterranean; which gave rise to its grand Gothic Quarter, a remarkable neighbourhood of winding, narrow streets enclosed by ancient architectural masterpieces including the 13th century Cathedral, which took two centuries to build. The church’s most notable features include a neo-Gothic façade, secluded cloister, 28 chapels, stained-glass windows, and beautifully-detailed exterior. The Church of Santa Maria is another impressive landmark. Step inside to admire the exquisite cross-vaulted ceiling and museum of medieval gold and silverware. 

Things to do/see

Much of Barcelona is characterised by the great works of Antoni Gaudí whose distinctive style pushed the boundaries of architecture. Gaudí worked heavily on the Sagrada Familia, taking over its design in 1883 and conveying Christian beliefs through unique and controversial features. Despite still under construction today, it is still the most popular destination in Barcelona. You can join a tour to climb one of its striking towers for a breathtaking view over the city. Gaudí also designed the Park Güell, Casa Milà, and the Güell Pavilions, home to grand dragon-themed gates representing the Greek myth of the dragon Ladon. 

Architects have continued to create expressive monuments, including Frank Gehry’s Golden Fish, a 52m long gold-coloured stainless steel sculpture built for the 1992 Barcelona Olympics; the Santa Caterina Market, with a distinctive, colourful mosaic roof; and Jean Nouvel's Torre Glòries, reaching 142m in height, the structure’s shape represents a geyser rising into the air. 

The diversity of Barcelona means visitors can choose to enjoy the bustling city life or relax in wonderful surroundings including the glorious sun-soaked beaches, or selection of colourful parks and gardens. Wander the Parc del Laberint d'Horta, a partially landscaped garden of 55 hectares with a maze of flourishing trees, a classical pavilion, small temples, fountains and mythological figures decorating secluded corners. 

Titan tours to Barcelona

Barcelona is found on a number of Titan’s meticulously planned itineraries, including the Magical Cities of Spain tour sees Barcelona and Valencia and Madrid over the space of 10 days. Blending three of Spain’s finest destinations provides a superb city break revealing the country’s expressive culture and Modernist architecture.

On Titan’s French Riviera & Moorish Spain cruise, you can join an excursion to discover Barcelona’s Olympic Stadium, Olympic Ring and the National Art Museum of Catalunya, or explore Barcelona’s Roman origins and visit the unique museum hidden under the medieval buildings of Barcelona’s Gothic Quarter. Alternative cruises that carefully combine Barcelona with other fascinating destinations include: Rivieras and Hideaways, Islands of the Mediterranean, and Mediterranean Discovery