In Search of ‘The Lights’ in Eight Nights

In Search of The Lights in Eight Nights

Day 1 Newcastle

VIP Outbound2 Titan’s VIP door-to-door travel service collects you from home, for your journey to Newcastle where our staff will greet you and assist with embarking Boudicca (3T+) in readiness for a late evening sailing.

Days 2-3 At sea

Day 4 Bodø, Norway

Sailing into Bodø early this morning, you will find yourself amidst the craggy islands of Norway’s broken coastline, an area often overseen by majestic white-tailed sea eagles, gliding and diving for fish. Our first port of call, Bodø, offers your first opportunity to really discover Norway’s natural beauty, taking a stroll along the chalk-white beach with beautiful views of the many mountains that surround you. It also offers you the chance to visit one of the first churches in Norway to feature a detached steeple, Bodø cathedral, and experience the exceptional acoustics at an organ recital; or visit the town’s museums, which include Norsk Luftfartsmuseum, an excellent museum of historic military and civilian aircraft including an ill-fated U2 spy plane. You may also have the chance to take a tour of the city to learn of its 200-year story of Vikings and Luftwaffe bombing raids, or to view some of the 10,000-year old archaeological remains found a short journey away.

Day 5 Tromsø

Tromsø is an island city that contains the largest collection of wooden houses in Northern Norway; a wonderful sight of charming, colourful Norwegian architecture. It also holds Norway’s best known modern landmark - the unique Arctic Cathedral, distinctive in its triangular design and decorated with one of the largest glass mosaics in Europe. A number of museums and galleries showcase the city’s history and love for art and, in its Arctic aquarium, huge tanks of fish species, which inhabit the waters we’ve become acquainted with. You may also like to visit the Tromsø Wildlife Park, where beautiful huskies, at home in the soft snow of winter, seem eager to take you on a dogsledding adventure, or opt to traverse the flawless wilderness on a snowmobile. Alternatively, take a walk (or short bus journey) to the base of the Tromsø Cable Car to ascend to a mountain ledge on Storsteinen, 421m above sea level. The views over Tromsø and the many islands, fjords, mountains and sea are truly spectacular.

Day 6 Narvik

Narvik is a relatively new city, founded in 1903 despite traces of prehistoric inhabitants. Close to the town centre is the Ofoten Museum, which displays local history including 5,000-year-old rock carvings. A reminder of 20th century history can be seen at the War Memorial Museum, which commemorates the occupation of Narvik in the Second World War. The area was sought after as a rich source of iron ore. Nazi Germany suffered its first defeat in Narvik in 1940, and the museum details each dramatic battle with weapons, uniforms, photographs and film. Those who would rather enjoy the beautiful winter scenery may prefer to take the 1,810m cable car ride from the centre of town to the viewpoint on Narvikfjellet mountain for fabulous snowy views over the Ofotfjord and surrounding area.

Days 7-8 At Sea

Day 9 Newcastle

VIP Inbound Early this morning we arrive back in Newcastle, where we disembark after breakfast. You will be met and guided to your Titan vehicle, for the journey home.