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Botswana Tour Holidays

Botswana does safaris with a difference, and with lots of water. The Okavango Delta – the river that never reaches the sea – is a particularly bewitching setting for game viewing by 4WD, canoe and even on foot. These walks in the wild are safari experiences like no other. The apparent vulnerability, the immediacy, the amazing interaction – all make for a viscerally exciting couple of hours, and the danger is minimal, with experienced ranger guides keeping you downwind of elephant, leopard and a host of other characterful creatures, going about their lives perhaps just a hundred yards away. There is no real budget travel option to the Okavango, by virtue of its terrain and its premium accommodation, but it is undoubtedly worth the extra outlay. Chobe National Park is another watery wonderland; lush floodplains teeming with wildlife, perhaps best viewed on a boat safari along the Chobe River itself. Keep your eyes peeled for pods of hippo, families of elephant, resting lion and up to 450 bird species.

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