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24 Hours In Rome

Glorious Rome, the ‘Eternal City’, is a dream destination for adventurous travellers fascinated by history and culture. From the ruins of the once mighty Roman Empire, such as the breathtaking Colosseum, to the majesty of the meticulously preserved Vatican City, whose Vatican Museum contains art treasures from Ancient Rome and the Italian Renaissance, visitors are swept away by the enchanting beauty of this magical city.

Immortalised in the Hollywood film Roman Holiday, the romance of Rome is truly spellbinding. As the sun bathes the architecture and monuments, travellers can leisurely stroll through Rome losing themselves in their imagination as they follow in the footsteps of some of history’s greatest figures, before enjoying the exquisite Italian cuisine, coffee and wine in one of the excellent cafés or restaurants.

Titan has two thrilling tours which not only provide the ideal introduction to Italy, but also include full free days during which you can discover the magic of Rome for yourself. Whether you choose our ‘Grand Tour of Italy’ or ‘Treasures of Italy’ tours, you’ll enjoy an unforgettable experience, which will last long in the memory.

To help you make the most of your free 24 hours in Rome, we have created an example day plan to guide you to some of the exciting highlights to be found in this spectacular city.


The best way to see and experience Rome is by foot. As the sun rises on the city, start your day by visiting Palatine Hill, which according to Roman mythology is where the founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus, were found and raised by a female wolf, and later began to build the city on this site. Be sure to see the ruins of the House of Augustus, the first great Caesar of Rome.

Just a short walk away is the impressive Roman Forum, where you can walk amongst the ruins of some of the most important buildings of the Roman Empire, treading in the footsteps of the legendary Julius Caesar, Mark Anthony and Cicero, marvelling at the grandeur of this fascinating historical site. Keep walking past the Altar of the Fatherland and pay a visit to the wonderfully preserved Pantheon, an iconic temple in which the great Renaissance painter Raphael is entombed.


After a spot of lunch and perhaps a refreshing Tartufo (truffle) ice cream dessert, make your way to the famous Spanish Steps to snap some photographs for your Roman holiday album, before visiting the beautifully sculpted Villa Borghese Gardens, 148 acres of lush greenery which are a delight to take a leisurely stroll through.

At the centre of the Gardens is the Villa Borghese, which houses the magnificent Borghese Art Gallery. Masterpieces of the collection include Bernini’s dynamic sculptures of David, and Apollo and Daphne; Raphael’s painting ‘Lady with a Unicorn’; and Caravaggio’s ‘St John the Baptist’.


As the evening draws in, make your way back to the centre of Rome, taking the opportunity to see the legendary Trevi Fountain lit up at night, a truly awe-inspiring sight tailor-made for your camera. Remember to throw a coin over your shoulder into the Trevi Fountain for good fortune and a return to Rome! (All the coins are collected to support Rome’s poor, so even if your good fortune doesn’t appear, you know you’ll be helping someone less fortunate.)

The lovely Piazza Navona is the perfect place for a delicious evening meal, a few drinks and some people watching. The centrepiece of the Piazza is Bernini’s ornate Fountain of the Four Rivers, which features sculptures of four river gods representing the Danube, Ganges, Nile and Rio de la Plata.

Join a Titan tour and enjoy a full day to discover what makes Rome one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Article published on: 9th March, 2015



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