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Even though Slovenia is increasing in popularity, it’s still relatively unexplored in comparison to its European neighbours. Which is why we think it’s a stunning country to holiday in. From the serene waters of Lake Bled to the art nouveau architecture of Ljubljana, as well as the Venetian splendour of coastal towns including Piran and remarkable mountain scenery - our Slovenia holidays really get to the heart of this wonderful destination. Densely forested and as densely packed with delights, Slovenia is still relatively unspoiled. Enjoy sweeping views from the red-roofed Ptuj Castle. Wander the cafés and leafy riverbanks of Slovenia’s compact cities. Cruise the sparkling Adriatic around Piran, a town awash with Venetian Gothic architecture. Climb upwards into the majestic Julian Alps to Kranjska Gora, an impossibly pretty mountain village. Why not immerse yourself in the wild beauty of Triglav National Park too, with waterfalls and magical woodland paths at every turn. Here some highlights of why we think you should consider one of our magical Slovenia tours for your next adventure.

Breathtaking scenery

Slovenia is all about incredible views. From sparkling turquoise blue lakes juxtaposed with the majestic peaks of the impressive Julian Alps to sweeping coastlines awash with the Mediterranean warmth of the Adriatic Sea, Slovenia really does have it all. In fact, half the country’s total land surface is covered in forest, which is one of the many reasons that Slovenia was named the ‘Greenest Country in the World’ back in 2016. Travel to Slovenia with Titan and you’ll see river gorges and mountain passes, verdant national parks and waterfalls. Wander picturesque coastal towns surrounded by shimmering blue seas. And explore medieval streets and marvel at gorgeous architecture. Slovenia’s beauty will impress.

Lake Bled and castle

Bled cake

What exactly is Bled Cake? This delicious sweet treat originates from Lake Bled and has been delighting people since 1953. It is made up of four layers consisting of a crunchy pastry bottom, sweet custard and cream. And it would be a sacrilege not to tuck into one while overlooking the calming lapping waters of one of Slovenia’s most famous attractions. Since its creation by Ištvan Lukačević in the Park Hotel, there have been over 15 million cakes made, using 131 tons of flour, 8,437 million eggs and 1,556,000 litres of milk, such is the popularity of this world-famous cream cake. And it’s certainly one of the top things to enjoy on a Slovenia holiday.

Bled cake

Culture and history

Legend also has it that Ljubljana’s infamous dragon – the symbol of the capital city – was also slayed by Jason and the Argonauts after they sailed up the river on their way to capture the Golden Fleece. From museums and stunning architecture, Slovenia really is a treasure trove of culture and history. There are Celtic, Roman, Austro-Hungarian, Italian and Yugoslavian influences to be found all over the country. Discover the fascinating tales behind medieval castles and churches – one of the most famous nestled on the picture-perfect island of Lake Bled, as well as ancient settlements and villages in the mountains. 

Ljubljana dragon statue

Cosmopolitan capital

Ljubljana may be the capital of Slovenia but it’s tiny in comparison to other European cities. However, the benefit of its size is that you can explore this beautiful city and really soak in the atmosphere in a short space of time. You’ll find pretty streets lined with open air cafes particularly along the banks of the turquoise green River Ljubljanica. Meanwhile, the Old Town is a maze of cobbled streets and pastel-coloured buildings with terracotta roof tops. Enjoy the Baroque architecture, numerous parks and gardens and walk across several ornate bridges. Ljubljana has also a thriving restaurant and arts scene – with lots of festivals encompassing music and dance throughout the year. 


If you’ve been inspired to plan a holiday to stunning Slovenia, find out more about where to go in Slovenia here

Article published on: 15th October, 2020



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