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With over 400 tours on Titan Travel's books, you really are spoilt for choice when it comes to finding your perfect holiday. We thought we would try and make it slightly easier for you and show you 10 of the best escapes and places to visit in 2019.

10. The World’s Most Spectacular Rail Journey

Travelling through two of North America’s most scenic areas - the Canadian Rockies and the Pacific Coast Vancouver - makes this an incredibly memorable experience. The Rocky Mountaineer offers a unique way to see some of North America’s most epic landscapes by day before resting your head in some of its finest hotels by night. With past visits experiencing walls of ice falling into the ocean and views of humpback whales, there are few places in the world to travel that can be both magical and exciting in equal measure.

Rocky mountaineer train

9. The Majesty of Southern India

Northern India is famed for its cultured cities, the less visited south where our tour is located is full of lush landscapes, spice plantations, ancient pilgrimage centres and has a fascinating colonial history. You’ll feel enlightened by the culture and serene experience as you travel through Chennai, the commercial hub of the old British Empire to the Nilgiri Mountains surrounded by the tea gardens and dense forests. With 16 excursions through 15 nights, including a visit to the Gandhi Memorial Museum and a mini cruise on the Arabian Sea, this is an adventure you will never forget.

Traditional houseboat

8. Grand Tour of Corsica

Corsica is the fourth largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with its mountainous landscapes, 200 beaches and 1,000 kilometres of coastline. Famous for its tourism and as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, you will explore glittering bays and enjoy visits to some of this island’s most charming regions. Hear the unique dialect, of the island that is protected by UNESCO while you experience cultural towns and cities, and dip into local wine tasting with an evening of Corsican songs.

Ajaccio Corsica

7. The Best of South Africa

South Africa is most memorable for its terrific wildlife in its incredible national parks, what is often forgotten is the stretch of forests, wetlands, rivers, culture and landscapes this country offers too. This exhilarating tour includes both a stay in Mala Mala and a journey through part of the world’s longest wine route the Garden Route. Home to the planet’s largest visible meteor craters that crashed into the earth around two million years ago, Table Mountain one of the oldest mountains in the world, and a fish migration so huge it can be seen from space, these are just some of the wonders you will hear about as you travel through this unique country.

Hippos in the water

6. Switzerland’s Spectacular Rail Journeys

Both railway lines are seriously impressive feats of engineering. The Bernina Express passes over 196 bridges and climbs the incredible Brusio Spiral Viaduct, which was built to limit the railway’s incline to 7%. The Glacier Express crosses a remarkable 291 bridges and its fittingly ‘glacial’ pace only adds to your enjoyment of those spectacular views. The Bernina Express crosses borders and cultures, taking you from Chur/ St Moritz in Switzerland, all the way down to Tirano in Italy. The Glacier Express takes you on a seven-hour journey between the Swiss resorts of St Moritz and Zermatt.

Bernina Express Switzerland

5. Sicily - Jewel of the Mediterranean

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, covering around 10,000 miles. This picturesque island is scattered with interesting history, from well-preserved Greek ruins to infamous tales of the illusive Mafia, who have called this land home. This comprehensive exploration introduces you to Sicily’s best known treasures, including the legendary Mount Etna and the splendid Monreale Cathedral. Dubbed “The Culture Capital of Italy” for 2018 by Forbes, you will experience a unique culture that has been influenced through the ages by settlers from all over Europe.

Valley of temples Sicily

4. Essence of Japan

Japan is one of the most fascinating countries to visit and this two-week tour features 17 excursions, to enlighten you as well as educate you about the thrilling past of the ‘land of the rising sun’. Famous for its ultra-modern cities, Japan is also home to some of the world’s most stunning areas of natural beauty. You’ll visit Samurai castles and take a ride on the famous Bullet Train, which is all enhanced by the gracious hospitality of the locals.

Golden pavilion Japan

3. Southern Sights and Sounds

The Deep South is rich in cultural heritage; this tour takes advantage of so much history and packs it into an unforgettable experience you will re-call many years after. Discover the Civil War and Civil Rights history, as well as the birthplace of Jazz, Blues, and Rock n Roll - and visiting the home town of Elvis Presley will certainly strike the right chord. Enjoy the music capitals of Nashville, New Orleans and Memphis with the inspiring sights and sounds that define the region so. This tour will keep you busy with 12 excursions including a tour to the famous Jack Daniel’s Distillery and a Jazz cruise on the Mississippi.

Jackson square New Orleans

2. India’s Golden Triangle

Home to 23 official languages, over 1,600 dialects and the largest democracy in the world, India is truly a brilliance of life and colours. The Golden Triangle is three iconic cities in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur located in Northwest India each with a wealth of historical and cultural grandeur. With eight excursions in these cities and a visit to the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, Fatehpur Sikri and three game drives in search of tigers in Ranthambore, this will make an experience you will never forget.

Taj Mahal India

1. California and the Golden West

Our much-loved California holiday has been the favorite of Titan customers for many years. The attraction of the 'Golden State' was neatly encapsulated in The Mamas and the Papas' 1965 hit California Dreamin' and we invite you to experience the enticing temperatures and warm welcome yourself. We include great cities such as Los Angeles and San Francisco, iconic stretches of Pacific coastal road and Route 66, and the highlights of neighbouring states - the Wild West landscapes of Arizona and the extraordinary Las Vegas, America's playground.

Golden gate bridge San Francisco

Article published on: 29th May, 2018



Nicola considers herself very lucky to have had the opportunity to visit a number of places around the world and these experiences usually involve searching for as many kinds of wildlife as possible. Recent highlights include penguins in Antarctica, bears and whales in Canada and Alaska and sea otters in California - but there are always more animals to search for.

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