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Our 'Rocky Mountain Railtour' really embraces the wild majesty of the Canadian Rockies. As you rumble through the best of the region's scenery aboard the luxurious Rocky Mountaineer train, you'll get a real snapshot of the best of western Canada. The scenes are movingly beautiful: panoramic views of snow-capped mountains, dramatic ice fields, thunderous waterfalls and glacial lakes.

But one of our recent travellers, Michaela Kelly, was so inspired by the wilderness of the Rockies and the grandeur of Rocky Mountaineer, that she was compelled to put pen to paper. To our delight, Michaela sent us a copy of her poem, Canada the Grand - and we couldn't help but share her words here on our blog...

Canada the Grand

Sing to me, talk to me 
Tell me your tale 
A-clattering by on in this 
Journey by rail 

What of the past 
Brought into the now? 
History writ large 
On an old timer's brow. 

The mountains, the trees, 
The forested hills, 
Providing us all 
With unlimited thrills. 

This train, this creation 
Of brilliant man 
It's power and beauty 
Enhancing their land. 

Make them an idol 
For people to love 
Of peerless grace 
As though sent from above. 

Thundering through canyons 
So deep and so vast 
Showing us Canada 
With memories to last. 

The sight of an elk 
Or a moose or a bear 
Has everyone rising up 
Out of their chair. 

For Canadian wildlife 
Just has to be seen 
Or none will believe 
That we've really been! 

For when we are home 
In our own precious land 
All will remember 
Canada the Grand.

Michaela 9.9.2019

Michaela's image

Michaela's image

Michaela's image

Canadian Lake

Has Michaela inspired you to take your own Rocky Mountaineer adventure? Have a look at our collection of Canada holidays.

Article published on: 23rd October, 2019


Michaela Kelly

Artist and writer Michaela Kelly loves nothing more than to see the world and write about it. She has seen a great deal of the world having lived and worked abroad but still has plenty of boxes yet to be ticked.  Writing is akin to art as it allows facts to be imparted but in such a way as to hold the interest of the reader.  Also, from her point of view, these travel writings will be a source of happy memories when she is finally too old to go far!

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