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It’s hard to believe, but it has been five years since Titan last featured branding on its fleet of VW Caravelles - the vehicles used for our award-winning VIP door-to-door travel service. The great news is it’s back, but with a completely fresh look, in partnership with our sister company Saga for the first time.

It was a real honour to be asked to design the new graphics for Titan’s fleet of 151 VW Caravelles. I have produced vehicle graphics before, from taxis to articulated lorries and race cars but such a large and well known fleet was a new challenge.

The brief was to produce a design that could incorporate both the Titan and Saga brands and promote the VIP Home Departure service offered by both companies, while keeping within the local authorities’ policy regarding advertising on private hire vehicles.

And so began the long process of working out our approach. Perhaps a design incorporating the old orange and red stripes? A sleek consistent design across the whole fleet? Or something focusing on the core of what Titan and Saga are all about - Travel!

Travel it was then, but with so many diverse destinations, how could we represent them all? The answer was actually quite simple. With 151 vehicles available, we could produce multiple designs and have each vehicle focus on a single country or continent. For example, a USA vehicle, an Africa, China or South America vehicle. All could be accommodated. Now came the task of selecting the countries and an image which could both easily identify the country and also work on the side of a vehicle with all its doors and creases, handles and lights.

After many hours of image searching the designs for each vehicle could be finalised and made ready for applying to the vehicles. This is where we handed over to the experts at Surrey Signs to print and apply the graphics to the vehicles.


I hope you’ll agree, the finished result looks fantastic!

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Article published on: 24th May, 2016



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