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Rugged, jungly Borneo is one of Asia’s most exciting destinations. Earlier this year, I paid a visit to try out our new tour, ‘Wild Borneo’. It’s a 13-day adventure that takes you to ancient rainforests, wildlife sanctuaries and pristine beaches. Here’s what I loved about this unforgettable island…

The people

The Malaysian people are so warm, welcoming and friendly. They are so eager to share their knowledge and history, and cannot do enough for you. You can see how much they love their country and want you to love their country too – which is so easy to do!

The scenery

The scenery in Borneo is spectacular, and ‘Wild Borneo’ really showcases it. Enjoy amazing views of Mount Kota Kinabalu whilst in Kinabalu National Park. Experience a wonderful bird’s-eye view on the canopy walkway through the rainforest at Poring Hot Springs. And enjoy the sereneness on the Kinabatangan River.

“It was especially important to me to make sure customers got to experience a stay within the Mount Kinabulu National Park itself, so we have included two nights at the Nepenthes Lodge– the best available within the park!” Cassie Stickland, Product Manager

The wildlife

Borneo’s incredible wildlife is a major part of our tour. A few highlights for me were waking up early in the morning and hearing the birds singing in the trees; watching the monkeys feeding on the grass while I had my morning coffee; embarking on an early-morning wildlife cruise on the Kinabatangan River to see macaque and proboscis monkeys close up in their natural habitat; and learning how to spot an orang-utan nest.

“The remote region of Sukau is a truly magical area of Borneo, where you have the chance to see some fantastic local wildlife with the guidance of some superb guides. When I visited I was lucky enough to also see orang-utans and pygmy elephants in the wild – it was such an emotional experience!” Cassie Stickland, Product Manager

The orang-utans (‘People of the Forest’)

It was wonderful to visit Sepilok rehabilitation centre and watch the many orang-utans that have been rescued from plantations, logging sites or from being kept as pets. They are allowed to play and have fun, as well as being taught how to climb trees and build nests – skills that will enable them to survive again in their natural habitat. As soon as they are ready, they are released back into the wild.


Discover Borneo’s incredible landscapes and wildlife for yourself on our expertly designed ‘Wild Borneo’ tour.

Article published on: 1st July, 2019



Cathy's dream holiday is a 'fly and flop' with beaches to relax on, snorkelling opportunities aplenty and a good book (or three) to keep her busy. Her favourite destination? Bermuda - she got engaged and married on the island!

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