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The social aspect of our holidays is what our customers tell us they enjoy the most, which makes them particularly well-suited to solo travellers. It means you’ll always be in the company of like-minded travellers – you have the independence of travelling solo, but you'll never feel alone.

And we’re so proud of our collection of solo holidays, we even sent one of our staff members out to test the waters on our very first tour for solo travellers.

Michaela from our sales team is a firm believer that travelling solo is the way forward. “If I wait for someone to come with me on my adventures, I might never get to see some of the world’s most fascinating places,” she told us. So she was more than excited to experience our special solo departure of India’s Golden Triangle for herself earlier this year.

When we told our Facebook fans that Michaela would be answering all their solo-related questions upon her return, we were inundated with responses.

Watch the video below to get the scoop on how our very first solo tour panned out…

Do you have any questions that Michaela didn’t answer? Let us know on our Facebook page and we’ll pass your questions onto her.

Article published on: 26th July, 2019



From the coffee-clad highlands of Colombia to getting up-close-and-personal with elephants in Thailand and the exploring the sprawling winelands of South Africa, Natalie is a wannabe-adventurer and finds it hard to pick favourites when it comes to travel destinations. She has a weakness for wildlife and good wine, so her escapades are usually in pursuit of one or the other.

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