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Each month presents a variety of different travel options for you to enjoy the very best of your chosen destination. Here are our suggestions to get you inspired in 2018…

January – Australia

January - Australia

The biggest appeal of travelling to Australia in January is to escape the depths of winter in the UK and head off to some much needed sunshine, making it the ideal way to unwind and relax. On the 'Highlights of Australia' tour you can enjoy seeing Australia’s diverse natural history and man-made sights such as the Great Barrier Reef, Uluru, and Sydney Opera House – appreciated that much more in a beautiful warm climate.

February – Northern Lights 


As you’d expect, dark skies and clear weather contribute to seeing the Northern Lights at their very best, so visiting Norway in February is an opportune time of year as it offers longer hours of darkness for you to see the Northern Lights dance across the skies – a captivating sight. Join a magnificent voyage and cruise your way around Norway’s most varied and interesting destinations on 'Norway Adventure'.

March – India


...during March you will be able to enjoy the ‘Holi Festival’ in Jaipur – India’s national festival of colours...

Visiting India to explore and take in the wealth and historical splendour of this diverse country is always a good reason to visit, but during March you will be able to enjoy the ‘Holi Festival’ in Jaipur – India’s national festival of colours. On the 1st and 2nd March you can witness all things elephant, the symbol of strength, taking centre stage – from elephant parades to elephant polo matches. Celebrate by throwing flowers and colours at each other to mark the festival of spring. You can combine this on 'India’s Golden Triangle' tour, departing 23 February 2018, taking in a visit to Delhi, a safari stay and game drives in search of the majestic, elusive Bengal tiger.

April – Japan


Japan blooms into life in April, quite literally! This is the month to see the cherry blossoms in full flower as you lose yourself in a modern world of pink cherry blossoms – known as the cherry blossom front. The blossoms symbolise new beginnings, with the 1st April being the first day of both the financial and academic year in Japan. You can enjoy this magnificent splendour on the 'Essence of Japan' tour throughout our April departures, as well as visiting Japan’s thrilling cities such as Tokyo and Hiroshima.

May – Europe


The weather in Europe is warming up nicely in May so it’s a perfect time of year to visit a number of exciting destinations a little closer to home. Romance and warm spring days go hand in hand so maybe the 'Grand Tour of Italy' will wash away any winter blues when you visit some of the most romantic cities in the world including Rome, Florence and Naples. Or, maybe you want to enjoy a drink on board the MV Adriatic Queen to explore the wonderful Dalmatian Islands and take advantage of those longer days of sunshine. The 'Dubrovnik and Dalmatian Islands' cruise comprises the best of both worlds – gem-like Islands along Croatia’s Adriatic coast coupled with a bird's-eye view of the city of Dubrovnik. Alternatively, why not visit the largest of the Balearic Islands, Mallorca, where you can enjoy seven nights in a hotel to make 'Memories of Mallorca'. Escorted day trips to discover medieval towns and cities take you away from the bustling beach resorts, revealing the natural beauty of this island.

If you crave to feel the sun on your skin after a long and cold winter, and ditch that winter wardrobe for a short time, then you will find the comfortably warm temperatures across Europe a welcomed break.

June – Peru


Not only is Peru home to the famous Paddington Bear, it is also associated with the ancient Inca trail and the vibrant capital of Lima. An escorted tour on the 'Footsteps of the Incas' will consist of dramatic scenery from Lake Titicaca to Machu Picchu. Quite timely, on the 24 June each year more than 200,000 people come together in Cusco to celebrate the ‘Festival of the Sun’ to witness the most beautiful re-enactment of the most important festival of the Inca empire to celebrate the winter solstice; the beginning of the Sun’s New Year. Join our 14 June 2018 departure and lose yourself in song and dance while sampling local Peruvian cuisine – a fun celebration to be part of.

July – Calgary


Stampede Go wild in the Canadian west as you head for Calgary. This dynamic city draws in over a million visitors every July eager to experience its 10-day summer extravaganza – the Calgary Stampede. The so-called ‘Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth’ promises rip-roaring fun with the world’s largest rodeo, agricultural events, sensational live concerts and an Indian village. Combine this superb experience with a tour of the spectacular Rockies, where you can marvel at the awe-inspiring scenery of Banff, Jasper and glittering Lake Louise, and enjoy numerous memorable wildlife encounters. The Calgary Stampede and the Rockies tour is a must for any Rodeo lover!

August – Grand Safari Kenya to witness the Great Migration


With the migration well underway, August is the perfect time to visit the Masai Mara in Kenya as you can expect to see some spectacular crossings as the herd is faced with the Mara River, as well as enjoying the fantastic holiday weather. This is one of the few times of year the wildebeest remain in one place. It is a great opportunity to see the herd all together and to take advantage of the excellent game-viewing in the area, including the birth of zebra calves that also tend to follow the wildebeest’s movements. Two full days of safaris in the Masai Mara, and a stay at the world-famous Treetops Lodge make this an unforgettable adventure. The 'Grand Safari Kenya' tour will deliver above and beyond your wildest dreams.

September – South Africa 


The 'Best of South Africa' tour is mind blowing for any traveller, especially if you are a whale lover. In whale season (September to November), whales come in-shore near Cape Town to calve and can be seen from as close as 10 metres from the coastal cliffs and beaches providing some of the best land-based whale watching opportunities in the world. Visiting in September also sees the weather improve – albeit you can enjoy a mild year round Mediterranean climate. This will make your exploration into the African bush that much more enjoyable as you head off in pursuit of seeing the big cat family, giraffe and rhino.

October – New England Fall


Autumn is the ideal time of year to explore New England when the autumn colours are in abundance and are quite literally mesmerising. October witnesses the foliage turning as billions of leaves change from green to a kaleidoscope of colours – a beautiful display of fiery oranges, reds and yellows all at the peak of their game. The splendid 'Best of New England in the Fall' tour will take you on a journey through five states of American colonial history, visiting places such as Cape Cod, Newport and Vermont. You’ll also taste the wonderful fresh cuisine for which this region is famous. A vivid array of colour provides the most stunning backdrop as you travel from place to place.

November – Madeira


Madeira is pretty fascinating anytime of the year but more so in November when the 1,000 plus plant species provide a welcome distraction from the onset of winter at home. The green-fingered among you will adore the extensive botanical gardens here, while the rest of you will simply appreciate the stunning grounds as the perfect relaxing backdrop to the Atlantic views. With scenery from the jagged volcanic interior to its ruggedly-beautiful coastline, and year-round subtropical sunshine, its little wonder Madeira is so treasured as a holiday destination. Discover the best of 'Madeira- Pearl of the Atlantic' and take advantage of some late autumn sun.

December – Christmas Markets, Europe


No one does Christmas Markets quite like Europe, especially in Germany. The Christmas on the Rhine river cruise will really get you in the festive spirit as you discover the magical ambience of Germany’s traditional Christmas Markets with their host of unique and inspired gifts – the ultimate place to seek unusual presents for friends and family. Discover the region’s picture-book towns and villages dressed up for Christmas as you cruise through endless enchanting winter wonderland, passing by breathtaking views in all their seasonal glory – a must-see for any Christmas enthusiast.

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Article published on: 12th January, 2018



Nicola considers herself very lucky to have had the opportunity to visit a number of places around the world and these experiences usually involve searching for as many kinds of wildlife as possible. Recent highlights include penguins in Antarctica, bears and whales in Canada and Alaska and sea otters in California - but there are always more animals to search for.

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