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A trip with Titan is opening you up to a world of spectacular sights and attractions. Whether it’s taking in the sights of Uluru at sunset, walking the Great Wall of China or discovering the ancient ruins of Peru’s Machu Picchu, you’ll want to capture the moment.

Great wall of China

But photography can offer so much more beyond a visual record of the places you visit. Keeping our tips in mind will allow you to capture an image that expresses the feeling of the time and place, portrays its land, people and culture - as seen through your eyes. It doesn’t matter whether you have a camera phone, a simple point and shoot compact camera or a more advanced DSLR; the most important thing is that you use it.

Here are our top tips for capturing those special moments:

See the world differently

It is all too easy to be snap happy on holiday when you are surrounded by many extraordinary sights.  Sometimes however, less is more. Think carefully about what you’re trying to capture and convey in the photo. Establishing contact with people before taking their photograph is crucial, not only is it important you have permission from the subject to take their photo but it also results in a photo that shows the subject is comfortable with your presence. Make sure that you experiment with different perspectives. Finally, it may sound obvious but check the photos you take! There is nothing worse than capturing that magic moment and then reviewing it back at the hotel on the camera screen only to discover that it is blurry.

Know what your camera is capable of

Experiment with your camera settings - you will be surprised what even an entry level camera is capable of. Doing your research at home means that you won’t be wasting valuable time on holiday trying to work the camera. Playing around with the apertures and shutter speed can add an extra dimension to your photographs, offering control over depth of field and the ability to capture motion in a picture.

Be patient

Photography is dependent on light and being in the right place at the right time of day can dramatically enhance the quality of a photo. Whilst the golden hours of early morning and later afternoon are well documented, don’t forget the dramatic effect that dusk, fog and harsh sunlight can have on a picture. Patience is also a virtue when photographing wildlife - most things rarely coincide with the exact time you are in a specific spot.

So there you have it, a few of our top tips for getting those treasured travel photographs. We hope you find them useful! 

Article published on: 5th April, 2016



Jenny’s passion for culture and wildlife has taken her across the world. Favourite experiences so far have included snorkelling at the Great Barrier Reef, sailing on the Ganges in Varanasi, hiking through Norway and spending many hours on safari in Kenya and India spotting a menagerie of wonderful creatures.