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Introducing Titan Travel

Titan will never compromise on quality. We continue to make every effort to ensure that, when you travel with us, you enjoy the holiday of a lifetime, every time. Every individual aspect of your holiday has been carefully considered to deliver the best ratio of quality and value, provide complete peace of mind and yet still satisfy the most adventurous travel spirit. The expert planning, choice of hotels and transportation methods, included excursions and the services of an expert Titan tour manager can really enhance your appreciation of a destination and transform an ordinary holiday into a truly inspiring one.

Many escorted holidays sold by British tour operators originate in the destination and are aimed at the international market, with multilingual commentaries, sweepingly general itineraries and local contracted hotels and tour managers. Titan holidays are different. They are expertly crafted in-house and are only on sale in the UK; our well-travelled product specialists know their destinations inside out and select the best hotels, airlines, trains and cruise vessels. Properly balanced itineraries, most unique to us, are designed to include excursions and visits of particular interest to British travellers as well as a number of free days when there is always a choice of relaxation or enjoyable things to do. And, in the majority of cases, Titan holidays are escorted by the best tour managers in the business.