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    Compact, friendly, delightfully easy to explore, only five hours fl ying time away and packed with spectacular historical and natural wonders, Jordan is, in many ways, the perfect holiday destination. Petra leads the headlines, a genuine icon of world travel and, indeed, a recent inclusion in the list of the ‘New Seven Wonders of the World’. This ‘rosered city half as old as time’, an extraordinary necropolis of many-hued tombs and temples cut into the very mountainside, rewards hours of exploration; yet it is your first sight of Petra - emerging from a narrow canyon at the breathtaking Treasury - that endures for a lifetime.

    The majestic façade of this rock-cut masterpiece, perhaps the greatest architectural and artistic achievement of the ancient world, changes colour with the passing of the sun, from pastel pink to warm gold, and draws astonished visitors back time and again, as if it presents a sight so wondrous that they doubt the evidence of their own eyes.

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