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    Uniworld River Cruises in Partnership with Titan

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    Relax in the lap of luxury and explore fascinating new destinations, Uniworld’s luxury river cruises are a chance to create lifelong memories in some of the world's most thrilling destinations. Uniworld’s award-winning luxury river cruises offer a range of exclusive holidays on international waterways in Europe, North Africa, Russia and the Far East; and here at Titan, our unique partnership with Uniworld allows us to bring you exclusive access to their finest voyages.

    Described as the ‘Worlds Best River cruises’ – or simply the most luxurious and elegant river ships afloat – their unique six star river cruise experience lets you concentrate on the important parts of your without having to worry about your luggage, your holiday schedule or your accommodation. Between destinations, Uniworld passengers travel in unparalleled comfort: dining in onboard restaurants, reclining on viewing decks or relaxing in exquisite staterooms filled with luxury amenities. Beyond your ship, Uniworld holidays offer unique experiences every day - through organized excursions to local cultural attractions and scenic beauty spots.

    Luxury River Cruises in partnership with Titan Travel

    Uniworld river cruises are adventures that span the globe. We offer holidays to classic European destinations including France, Portugal and Russia - and further afield, to Vietnam, Cambodia and China. Each cruise is designed to focus on the unique culture and beauty of your chosen destination - and promises to bring you as close as possible to every highlight of the regions through which you travel.

    European river cruises include world famous waterways like the Rhine, the Douro and the Danube. Our 'Paris and Normandy' cruise, ideal for Gallic art and history lovers, is a journey along the Seine - from the rural regions of France's north-west to the heart of its gorgeous capital city. The cruise takes in the medieval beauty of Normandy's Rouen and Les Andelys regions with stops at the fascinating D-Day Invasion museum and a chance to see the glorious Bayeux Tapestry. A stop in Vernon lets passengers visit the historic residence of famed Impressionist artist, Monet, before the cruise's arrival in glittering Paris, where walking tours are an ideal way to explore the city.

    Beyond Europe, Russia's Svir and Volga rivers and the grand Moscow Canal are a treasure trove of holiday possibilities. Our cruises take in Russia's most extravagant attractions: on the 'Imperial Waterways of Russia' tour, our passengers visit Moscow, home of the Kremlin and Red Square, before moving onto the Volga - and its procession of ancient cultural and historical sites. The cruise includes the 'Golden Ring' city of Uglich and the settlement of Goritsy, location of the beautiful 14th century monastery, St Cyrill of the White Lake. The final section of the cruise sails along the Svir, to the ornate, opulent cityscape of St Petersburg, where the magnificent Alexandrinksky Theatre, the Winter Palace and the Hermitage Museum await.

    Further afield, Titan's Uniworld cruises reach China, Vietnam and Cambodia, where the Yangstze, Saigon and Mekong rivers bring travellers to some of the most breathtaking historic and natural attractions in the world, including the city of Phnom Penh and the Angkor Wat temple complex. Our flagship, 'Treasures of China and the Yangtze' tour showcases both the modern side of China and its glorious imperial past. Beginning on the Yangtze, the cruise takes in some of China's most incredible natural and man-made environments - from the bustling port city of Shanghai to the sprawling beauty of the river itself, including the Three Gorges, the Shibao Pagoda and miles and miles of emerald forest and mountains. The tour takes place over both water and land - and includes a latter section in Beijing, where travellers are free to discover a vast landscape of historical treasures, including the Forbidden Temple, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China.

    Our range of Uniworld river cruises offers much more than an average holiday. With our VIP Home Departure Service, the luxury experience begins on your doorstep - before transfer to the airport and your waiting cruise ship. At every step, knowledgeable tour guides and dedicated staff are on hand to offer advice and information - and ensure that everything runs perfectly.

    Travelling with Titan and Uniworld ensures that these are luxury cruises to remember forever. With ZAGAT-rated cuisine, all inclusive prices (for our 2014 European tours) and everything from excursions to tipping included, a luxury river cruise with Uniworld, from Titan, really is all you could want in a holiday - all you have to do sit back, relax and let the world's greatest destinations come to you.

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