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    South & Latin America

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    South and Latin America Holidays

    Home to mountains and craters, rainforest and desert, colour and culture – the countries that make up South and Latin America are a treasure-trove of holiday opportunities just waiting for you to discover them.

    Here at Titan we hunt the world to find the most interesting tours and cruises that will help you to see the world differently, and that is exactly what we have in abundance in Latin America. Whether you are looking for historic landmarks, such as Machu Picchu, or see cities like Rio de Janeiro and Quito, we have tours that can take you there. 

    This ‘New World’ is home to Charles Darwin’s Galapagos Islands and their animals, the mighty Iguazu Falls, the wildlife of Costa Rica, Mayan ruins in Mexico and vistas of snow-capped volcanoes in Chile. To say it is as diverse as it is vast is no understatement.

    Our range of holidays in Latin and South America cover all of these spectacular sights and will amaze you every time you turn around. The Grand Tour of South America – one of our signature tours – will take you to Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Peru, whilst a Cruise can take you through the man-made wonder that is the Panama Canal, to islands in the Caribbean or the Galapagos Islands. Add these spectacular destinations to our award-winning services (including our Tour Managers and VIP Home Departure Service) and we think you are in for a holiday you will never forget.

    Latin America is a continent full of wonders waiting for you to discover them, find out more about each holiday in the itineraries below. 

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