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    South America

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    South America Holidays

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    South America gives you the opportunity to see the New World for yourself with its myriad of natural, cultural, historical, and architectural attractions. From the condor of the mighty Andes mountain range and the piranha of the sinuous Amazon River to the unique wildlife contained on the Archipelago of the Galapagos and the glorious glaciers of the Beagle Channel, Latin America never fails to impress.

    But travel to this unfamiliar ‘new world’ is often considered somewhat daunting, and that is where Titan Travel comes in. Our Latin America holidays are absolutely perfect for the first time visitor to this amazing continent, taking great care of you, yet still leaving you free to make your own discoveries.

    Discover the amazing culture and heritage of South America


    Peru is home to the source of the mighty Amazon river,the Inca site of Machu Picchu and the bustling capital of Lima. The Inca empire was one of the largest empires and there is no better example than the awe-inspiring site of Machu Picchu, perched literally on the top of a mountain.


    An ideal starting place must be the marvellous city of Rio de Janeiro, overlooked by Christ the Redeemer since 1931, and to the west, Brazil shares the powerful glory of Iguaçu Falls with Argentina. A stay in the Amazon rainforest in northern Brazil can be extremely rewarding with its array of unique animal and plant life.


    Argentina contains great lands that are home to the famous Gaucho and is, of course, birthplace of the Tango. Inimitable Buenos Aires is the "Paris of South America", where wide avenues lead you to magnificent buildings. In the north the spectacular sights and sounds at Iguazu Falls are a not to be missed attraction.


    Sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the mighty Andes to the east, Chile is a uniquely shaped country never exceeds 150 miles in width and its dramatic forests, deep ravines and snow-capped volcanoes support a wealth of flora, fauna and wildlife.

    • Lima


    • Amazon rainforest

      Amazon rainforest

    • La Boca colourful houses, Buenos Aires

      La Boca colourful houses, Buenos Aires

    • Vina del Mar, Chile

      Vina del Mar, Chile