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    River Cruises

    When you are choosing your next holiday the first question that needs to be answered is where to go. Do you want to see beautiful and historic cities, awe-inspiring rural vistas, or all the small towns and villages in between? More and more of our customers are finding that the answer to this is a river cruise – a holiday which takes you to towns, cities and shows you all the breath-taking scenery along the way, all from the comfort and luxury of one of our ships.

    Travelling in style and embracing a more leisurely pace, it is easy to see why river cruises are becoming an increasingly popular way to travel. Discovering historic cities and witnessing the stunning panoramas from the comfort of a ship has been popular as ocean cruises for a long time, but now more and more people are finding out how much there is to be seen from the great waterways of Europe, Russia and China. Unwrap a whole new way of travelling and discover the holidays that await you when combining Titan’s award-winning service with some of the world’s greatest rivers.

    Travel in style on a river cruise

    Travelling around a destination on a river cruise allows you to see beautiful countries from a different angle and enables you to get right into the heart of a place.

    The river cruises for 2015 offered by Titan Travel are exactly what you would expect from an award-winning tour operator, with stunning cities, first-class service and interesting and educational lectures about the destinations all part and parcel of the experience.

    Established in the 1970s, we are experienced in creating river cruise itineraries that put your comfort and enjoyment at the top of the agenda and we carefully select routes and sights so you get the most out of your holiday.

    From Russia and China to Egypt and Portugal, you are certain to find the perfect river cruise getaway to meet your tastes and requirements.

    River cruising - serene and scenic

    River cruising is a unique and special way to discover a country, allowing your boat to navigate waterways right in the heart of cities, but without the hustle and bustle experienced when travelling by foot or car.

    Of course, there will be ample opportunity to disembark and visit attractions as you meander along the river, but there is something about a river cruise that adds a unique touch.

    Perhaps one of the most popular waterways in the world, Egypt's River Nile should be explored by boat to appreciate its size and grandeur. However, at Titan Travel we understand that simply seeing is not enough, as our customers want to learn everything there is to know about a place of interest.

    This is why we have an Egyptologist onboard to reveal the history and culture of the country, enriching your time on our river cruises. From the Kom Ombo temple to the Valley of the Kings, your personal Egyptologist will explain all the hieroglyphics and answer any questions you might have.

    Another river cruising destination that we believe is a hidden gem is China. The country is known for being hectic to get around, especially if you use public transport. However, imagine approaching its grand cities from the water, giving you the chance to fully take in the view ahead of you.

    Taking a river cruise around China is an unusual holiday option and one you will cherish forever. You will sail down the Yangtze River, pass by waterfalls and hanging caves and visit sites including the Fengdu 'ghost city', which is comprised of 75 Tao and Buddhist temples.

    Local guides will take you on a journey to some of the most popular attractions in China, including the Great Wall, the Terracotta Army and Beijing's Forbidden City. It is as much about learning the history of these sights as it is seeing them in the flesh - which is why we use the best local experts.

    Titan Travel - stunning river cruises

    At Titan Travel we like to offer quality holidays that surpass others and we think our river cruise selection does just that.

    Not only will your boat be comfortable and sophisticated, but whenever you need to travel by coach you will enjoy a first-class vehicle with an experienced driver.

    Our impeccable attention to detail does not end there, as we also provide a complimentary VIP Home Departure Service to take you from your front door to your departure airport or location in style.

    In addition, your professional and knowledgeable tour manager will cater to any needs you might have on your river cruise, 24/7.

    To find out more about the countries we visit by boat, contact us today.

    • The city of Porto along the Douro river at night

      The city of Porto along the Douro river at night

    • River Baroness, River Cruising

      River Baroness, River Cruising

    • A bridge over the River Danube

      A bridge over the River Danube

    • The River Tosca cruise ship sailing on the river Nile

      The River Tosca cruise ship sailing on the river Nile

    • The Valley of the Kings

      The Valley of the Kings

    • Yangtze River

      Yangtze River

    • The Great Wall of China

      The Great Wall of China

    • Moselle River near Cochem

      Moselle River near Cochem

    • Titan’s VIP Home Departure Service®

      Titan’s VIP Home Departure Service®