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    When it comes to spectacle, excitement and glamour, the USA really does stand alone. Boasting countless world-famous sights and attractions, the United States holds a unique cultural and historical fascination which attracts millions of visitors every year. From sprawling metropolises to rolling, forested landscapes, via snow-capped mountains and sandy dessert landscapes; the USA's diversity is its greatest strength - Whether you visit California, New England or the Deep South no two trips to this vast country are ever quite the same.

    At Titan, we have over 25 years of experience arranging escorted tours of the United States; designing our trips to suit a huge range of tastes and deliver the most memorable experiences the country has to offer. Our passengers travel, from coast to coast and everywhere in between, in complete comfort, free from the stresses of car journeys and the deadlines of the airport. With our experienced Tour Managers and luxury coaches, you will explore each exciting destination and savour each new and dramatic experience at your leisure.