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    Some holidays involve visits to places at altitude, which may affect certain medical conditions. Our Sales department can give details of these tours if requested.


    Accommodation and facilities

    Accommodation in hotels is in twin/double bedded rooms, the majority of which have private bath/shower and toilet although occasionally this will be shower and toilet only. On cruise ships, accommodation is in cabins with shower and toilet only. Please note that in rainforest, safari and desert locations accommodation may be in lodges or campsites where standards may vary and toilet facilities may not be en suite. Please note that where we provide details of guest room facilities at hotels in our brochures, we cannot guarantee that all rooms will be equipped with all of these.

    Upgraded rooms - Please note that all upgraded rooms are subject to the hotel’s availability at the time of the request and is only guaranteed once we have confi rmed this to you. The room facilities and upgrade descriptions are correct at the time of going to print.

    Star rating - Where a star rating is given, this is a local star rating and so standards can very from country to country.

    Single Rooms - Despite the fact that single rooms carry a supplement, single accommodation is sometimes not of the same standard as twin/double accommodation, particularly in Europe due to the age and character of many hotels. Single rooms may not always be in the same area of the hotel as a twin/double and the single supplement does not necessarily mean a twin/double room will be provided for single occupancy unless specifically stated.

    Triple Rooms - When booking triple rooms, it should be recognised that a third person is required to either share existing beds or an extra bed is placed in the room which can be a camp-style bed or a sofa bed. The addition of an extra bed can sometimes make accommodation slightly cramped. NB. Rooms with 3 beds may not be available at all hotels. If a bed share is not appropriate and an additional single room has to be booked, this will be
    charged as an extra.

    Swimming Pools - Where a hotel has a swimming pool, the period when the pool is available is at the hotelier’s discretion and is often seasonal. This may be affected by weather conditions or essential maintenance. These situations are beyond our control and the published dates are therefore not guaranteed. If a pool is expected to be out of use for a considerable period, we will endeavour to inform you as soon as reasonably possible. Please note that towel charges may apply.



    Please note that if your holiday includes Titan’s VIP Home Departure Service®, only one suitcase and one standard piece of hand luggage per person will be allowed. Your suitcase should conform to the following maximum dimensions: Height 58cm (23"), Length 73cm (29"), Width 25cm (10"). Safety requirements dictate that suitcases may only be stored in the luggage compartment of our vehicles. We are unable to accommodate more than one suitcase per person, or any oversized pieces of luggage.

    Titan Travel reserves the right to decline carriage and must advise clients travelling with excess baggage, that should separate or additional transport arrangements be necessary, then these will be at the client’s own expense. To avoid any problems with our transport arrangements, possible delay to your journey and inconvenience to your fellow travellers, please ensure that these baggage allowance conditions are adhered to.

    If your holiday does not entail using Titan’s VIP Home Departure Service® then the applicable airline baggage allowances apply as stated on your Final Itinerary/Joining Instructions. Please refer to your Final Itinerary/Joining Instructions as certain tours may have luggage restrictions.



    Although we do try to provide coaches with toilets on board wherever possible, we regret that this facility cannot be guaranteed. It is also possible that, in certain parts of the world, the toilet may have to remain locked at the discretion of the driver where disposal points are not easily accessible. Regular stops are made on every tour for the comfort of all on board. Please note single travellers are likely to be seated alongside another single traveller.

    Legal requirements regarding the use of seat belts on coaches varies from country to country. We believe Health and Safety is paramount and in the interests of our clients` welfare, we have decided that we will not use any seat that does not have another directly in front of it, unless a seat belt is fitted. The Tour Manager will continue to implement the system of seat rotation however; this may exclude certain seats where seatbelts are not fitted.


    Fitness Requirements/Disabilities and Medical Conditions

    • You must let us know if you or anyone in your party suffers from a serious medical condition or disability before a booking is made.
    • Titan Travel cannot provide individual assistance with boarding coaches or other forms of transport, baggage handling, walking or other personal requirements, etc. and clients should be confident that they can do these tasks unaided.
    • We are happy to give advice and assistance with the choice of your holiday, which will be dependent upon the nature of any disability. In order to ensure your enjoyment of the holiday, we ask all clients to provide full details of any disability or special requirements at the time of booking.
    • Some suppliers such as airlines and cruise lines may request certification from your GP to confirm that you are fit to travel. We regret that we cannot be held liable for any costs you may incur as a result.
    • Clients must have their own collapsible wheelchair to fit throughhotel/cabin doors and must be accompanied by a travelling companion who is able to assist them.
    • Measurements of wheelchairs and mobility aids must be given at the time of booking. Regrettably we cannot accept motorised wheelchairs or mobility aids.
    • You are urged to contact our Sales department for further information if you have any difficulty in walking or mobility problems and they will be pleased to advise you on the suitability of any particular holiday.

    Mobility and Assistance

    Cruise ships have a limited number of cabins adapted for use by those with restricted mobility and are limited as to the number of disabled passengers or passengers with reduced mobility that they can carry.  Cruise lines reserve the right to refuse the carriage of any person if carrying such a passenger would breach applicable safety requirements or law.  Cruise lines also reserve the right to refuse carriage if the design of the vessel and / or the port infrastructure and equipment would make carriage unsafe or not operationally feasible.  Cruise lines reserve the right to require that a disabled passenger or a passenger of reduced mobility is accompanied by another fare paying person capable of providing assistance to ensure compliance with any applicable safety requirement or law or if the design of the vessel and/or the port infrastructure and equipment means that a disabled passenger or person of reduced mobility cannot be carried in a safe or operationally feasible manner without the assistance of another person.  Please note that personal daily care cannot be provided by any member of the ship’s staff.

    Should your travel needs change from the time of making your booking you must advise us as soon as possible.


    • Seating - Although every effort is made to secure seating on the aircraft to satisfy requests, we cannot guarantee that your choice of seats will be available or that seats together can always be obtained.
    • Onboard meals - On short haul flights, British Airways only provide a complimentary drink and small snack on flights that depart after 10am local time.
    • Direct flights - Where the term ’direct flight’ is applied, this refers to a flight involving no change of aircraft, however the aircraft may make stops en-route. Where a flight is indirect this will be advised to you, although airlines do change their schedules from time to time.
    • Making your own flight arrangements - Please note that if you make your own international flight arrangements and join one of our tours in the destination, Titan’s VIP Home Departure Service® does not apply.
    • Special requests - These should be advised at the time of booking. Although we endeavour to meet special requests, this is dependent upon our suppliers and we cannot guarantee that your requirements will be met. We cannot accept any booking that is conditional upon a special request being met. Requests for extra legroom on aircraft are so frequently requested that it is unlikely to be available. Special meal requests are rarely available on short haul flights.



    Tipping is customary for obtaining good service in the majority of the countries that Titan visit. For service in restaurants, etc this can range between 10 - 20% depending upon the country you are visiting. Guidelines for tipping local guides, your tour manager and driver will be provided in our information pack sent prior to travel. Please refer to the cruise information page for further tipping guidelines.



    Requirements can change without notice and some inoculations or precautions, although not compulsory, may be advisable. Local conditions are subject to change and we suggest that you consult your GP or one of the specialist vaccination centres for more detailed information. The Department of Health also offers travellers health advice on www.nathnac.org/travel/index.htm , www.fitfortravel.scot.nhs.uk or www.dh.gov.uk/travellers.

    The DoH leaflet ‘Health Advice for Travellers’ is also available from main post offices or by calling 0300 123 1002. We strongly recommend that if you are concerned about DVT or any other health issue you should consult your GP. It is essential that you have comprehensive insurance that covers you for any medical treatment or repatriation costs whilst on tour.

    Country Tetanus Typhoid Polio Malaria Cholera HepatitusA Yellow Fever
    Argentina yes yes yes yes yes yes~~
    Botswana     yes     yes yes yes yes
    Brazil yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Cambodia yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Caribbean* yes yes
    Chile yes yes yes yes
    China yes yes yes yes
    Costa Rica yes yes yes yes yes
    Cuba yes yes yes yes
    Ecuador yes yes yes yes
    Egypt yes yes yes yes
    Fiji yes yes yes


    Hong Kong yes yes yes yes
    India yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Japan yes yes
    Jordan yes yes yes yes
    Kenya yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Mexico yes yes yes yes yes
    Morocco yes yes yes yes yes
    Namibia yes yes yes yes yes
    Panama yes yes yes yes
    Peru yes yes yes yes yes yes#
    Seychelles yes yes yes yes
    Singapore yes yes yes yes
    South Africa yes yes yes yes yes
    Tanzania yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Thailand yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Vietnam yes yes yes yes yes yes
    Zambia yes yes yes yes yes yes##

    * Some Caribbean destinations may require further immunisations.

    ~~ If your travels include Iguazu Falls or other border regions with Brazil.

    # If your holiday includes Iquitos (Amazon).

    ## A valid Yellow Fever immunisation certificate is required to visit Zambia, if your outbound or inbound flights are via South Africa. Entry / transit through South Africa will be refused without the certificate. If you have a medical condition and are unable to have the vaccine you must be in possession of an exemption letter from your GP.


    Holiday Duration

    The duration of holidays is described in number of days and in all cases includes the day of departure from the UK and the day of arrival back in the UK.



    • Where meals are included, please note that there may be a set or table d’hote menu and as part of a group booking included meals are generally eaten together at a designated time.
    • When a choice menu is offered, it is possible that you will have to make your meal selection in advance.
    • Please note that when requesting vegetarian meals or special dietary requirements, it should be appreciated that the choice is likely to be limited.
    • The standard of breakfast in various countries will differ to the standard set in the UK. 
    • An additional charge may be made for fruit juice or hot dishes one may expect in a UK hotel.
    • Continental breakfast usually consists of tea/coffee, rolls and jam.
    • A buffet breakfast usually consists of tea/coffee, a choice of breads, rolls or croissants, cereals, fruit, cheeses and cold meats.


    National and Local Holidays

    During local and national holidays, certain facilities and museums may not be available and therefore sightseeing tours and shopping may be limited.


    Noise, Development and Local Functions

    There may be redevelopment, expansion, building or road works taking place in the vicinity of your hotel during your holiday and associated noise can be unavoidable. This may occur without warning to us.

    If we know in advance of any impending work that could cause you disturbance, we will make every effort to inform you as soon as possible. Hotels rely on several forms of revenue to remain in business and naturally weddings, dinners and other functions may take place during your stay.

    If you do have a complaint at your hotel or indeed for any other service, you must tell your tour manager or the hotelier who will try and solve the problem on the spot.


    Overseas Standards

    It is important to remember that, in certain countries, standards are often quite different from those we are accustomed to.

    Restaurants and hotel services are often quite different, roads are often little more than bumpy tracks and poverty is ever-present.

    Energy conservation measures may mean that hotels are obliged to limit services such as air conditioning, water and electricity.

    The legal and safety requirements of some countries are of a lower standard than the UK. These facts are readily recognised by seasoned travellers and are often well explained in good travel guides.


    The following information is for British citizens only.

    A standard ten year British passport is required for all holidays, which must be valid for at least six months beyond your planned date of return travel, however, please see any exceptions to this below. If your passport expires earlier, it may still be acceptable but you should contact your local passport office or the consulate or embassy of the country to be visited for detailed advice.

    Clients applying for a new passport should allow a minimum of six weeks for the application to be processed and to renew an expired one, three weeks. Lost, stolen and new passports will take one-week minimum to replace. It is essential that you check whether you are in possession of a valid passport before you make your holiday booking.

    If your passport is endorsed in any way, you should check immigration requirements with the relevant embassy or consulate of the country to be visited. Passport stamps - You should be aware that if your passport contains previous entry or visa stamps of certain countries you might encounter problems when visiting other countries. e.g. a passport indicating you have previously travelled to Israel may not be accepted by a number of Arab countries.

    Holders of British Subject Passports and Non-British Citizens. We can only advise on immigration requirements and offer the Titan Visa Service, if your passport was issued in the UK and endorsed ‘British Citizen’. Holders of a British Subject passport and non-British citizens should check immigration requirements with the relevant embassy or consulate of the country to be visited, as should clients with Dual Nationality/Renounced Citizenship.

    All consular fees are correct at the time of going to print and are subject to change. Where appropriate visa forms and guidelines for the relevant country will be sent with confirmation invoices.

    NOTE: Some travellers including those with certain serious communicable illnesses, criminal records, previous deportations, visa overstays and other problems may not be eligible by law to enter certain countries. Such travellers must check with the embassy or consulate of the country to be visited in order to ascertain if they are eligible to apply for a special restricted visa.

    • Kenya - All visitors are required to have at least two blank pages in their passport to enable an entry visa to be issued on arrival into the country. This is being strictly enforced.
    • Namibia - Please note that all visitors to Namibia are required to have one completely blank page in their passport to enable an entry visa to be issued on arrival. However, because our Namibian Discovery tour flies internationally via Johannesburg, you are also required to have an additional blank page for your South Africa transit visa stamps. Therefore it is recommended that you have at least two blank pages in your passport.
    • South Africa - All visitors are required to have two blank pages in their passport to enable an entry visa to be issued upon arrival in the country.


    Pre-bookable Excursions

    For your convenience, our most popular optional excursions are available for you to pre-book and pre-pay prior to your departure. These excursions will still be available to book locally with your Tour Manager. Please note that the operation of the excursions is subject to minimum numbers and the operation of some excursions is subject to favourable weather conditions. If your pre-booked excursion is cancelled you will receive a full refund on your return home.


    Privacy and data

    We want all our clients to enjoy completely successful holidays. However, any client with a medical condition or disability or a dietary/religious requirement must be aware that information supplied to us will be passed to other companies and persons who supply the various parts of our travel arrangements. The suppliers may, depending upon your choice of holiday, be based outside the European Economic Area where controls on data protection may not be as stringent as in the UK. We will not, however, pass this information to any party that is not responsible for your travel arrangements.


    Rail Travel

    Please note that our holidays featuring rail travel are not suitable for wheelchair users, those with walking difficulties or significant health problems. Although we do try and secure luggage handling at railway stations, unfortunately, porters and trolleys may not always be readily available. Clients should, therefore, be aware that they are responsible for their own luggage and should be aware that they may have to carry their own luggage to and from the station entrance to the trains. We therefore recommend trolley suitcases with a retractable handle and built in wheels.

    We cannot guarantee that your choice of seat will be available or that seats together can always be obtained. Clients on overnight services should be aware that accommodation is compact; twin berths are usually bunk beds.



    Your safety and security is our first consideration. In the event of the Foreign Office advising against travel to a certain country, we would act on this advice. However, we do recommend that you check Foreign Office Travel Advice before you make a booking and this can be found on the Internet at www.fco.gov.uk/travel.

    Although we take every precaution in looking after you on tour, the responsibility for your personal safety and welfare and the care of your possessions is obviously the same as that which you exercise whilst at home. Extra care should be taken when walking around cities, especially at night and we recommend you stay in well lit, populated areas. It is also wise to avoid carrying valuables or wearing expensive jewellery.


    Titan's VIP Home Departure Service®

    You will be advised of your pick up time with your final documents. On rare occasions, for operational reasons, we may have to amend these times and reserve the right to do so. However, we will always endeavour to provide at least 5 days notice to any changes to your pick up time to avoid any inconvenience.



    Travelling with Children

    We regret we cannot accept bookings for children younger than 12 years of age on the date of departure as the holidays in this brochure are not suitable for children. Single parents or other adults travelling with children (under 18 years of age) should be aware that some countries require documentary evidence of parental responsibility before allowing lone parents to enter the country or, in some cases, before permitting the children to leave the country.

    Further information on exact requirements can be obtained from the relevant embassy of the country/countries to be visited. Children must have their own individual British Citizen passport.



    For all tours where a passport is required to be sent to an embassy, it should be noted that once your passport has been lodged with the embassies eight weeks prior to departure, we are unable to retrieve it until the visa has been issued. It is therefore important that you do not require your passport during this period.

    Titan Travel will not be liable if any delay occurs within the embassy and cannot guarantee any specific date for passports to be returned. If you have already made other travel arrangements, please contact us prior to making your reservation.

    • China, Cuba, India, Russia, Tanzania, Vietnam - A visa is required for travel. Visa application forms will be sent with your confirmation invoice and can be arranged through CIBT Visas (formerly TLCS Global Visa Services), our recommended visa procurement provider. Application forms can also be downloaded from the CIBT website - please select your destination below:
    • Australia - All foreign travellers to Australia, other than New Zealand citizens, require an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) to travel and enter Australia. We are able to obtain this on your behalf, if requested, at a cost of £15 per person. If you do not require us to obtain the ETA you must make your own arrangements, as you will not be able to travel without one.
    • Cambodia - Visitors to Cambodia require a tourist visa. If you are travelling on our Images of Vietnam with Cambodia holiday, you will be required to obtain a visa locally when transferring across the border from Vietnam. This currently costs US$25 and please note one passport photo will be required. If you are taking a Cambodia holiday addition and arriving into Cambodia at Siem Reap airport, your visa currently costs US$20 and can be obtained on arrival or online before your departure. Online applicationsfor e-visas can be made at http://evisa.mfaic.gov.kh (please note a processing charge is applicable).
    • Egypt - Single entry tourist visas for Egypt are included for holders of British and European Union passports. These will be issued on arrival in Egypt. Holders of British Subject or non-European Union passports, please check with the Egyptian Embassy.
    • Jordan - Visas for Jordan are arranged as a group and are free of charge if travelling with the group on all sectors of the trip. Clients with extended stays or holiday additions therefore have to pay JD20 or US$30 per person for visa issued on arrival.
    • Kenya - British Citizens are now required to have a visa for entry into Kenya, regardless of the length of stay. Upon entry into Kenya by air you are now required to apply for a visa currently costing US$50, which is payable locally.
    • Nepal - A visa for entry into Nepal (including Kathmandu) is required by British Citizens. A Single Entry Visa for stays of up to 15 days, currently costing US$30 per person, can be applied for and paid for in cash upon arrival intoKathmandu. Two passport-sized photographs are required.
    • Turkey - A Turkish visa is required for UK nationals and should be purchased on arrival at Istanbul airport for £10 per person.
    • Sri Lanka - British Citizens require an Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA) to enter Sri Lanka. We are able to obtain this on your behalf, if requested, at a cost of £25 per person. If you do not require us to obtain the ETA you must make your own arrangements (please visit http://www.eta.gov.lk), as you will not be able to travel without one.
    • Zambia - Visitors are required to obtain a visa when entering Zambia - for British Citizens this currently costs US$50 per person for a single entry visa (subject to change). Payments must be made at the point of entry with the exact amount in cash only.


    The USA Visa Waiver Programme (VWP) allows most British Citizen passport holders to enter and visit the US without the need to gain a visa by applying online using Electronic System for Travel Authorisation (ESTA) in advance. We recommend you apply for this yourself however for clients without online facilities we are able to apply on your behalf at a cost of £25 per person. Please note that once applied, this charge is non-refundable as it is valid for a period of two years or the validity of the travellers passport (whichever is shorter). If you do not require us to obtain an ESTA you must make your own arrangements, as you will not be able to travel without one. Further information on how to complete your ESTA application either yourself or through Titan Travel will be sent with your confirmation invoice. You must also ensure that you adhere to the passport rules under the VWP. Your passport must contain a machine readable zone (MRZ), identified as the 2 lines of text as letters, numbers and chevrons (>>>) found at the foot of the photo page. If your passport does not meet this requirement you will need to apply for a visa. This information has been issued for general guidance only, if you have any doubt about travel to the US or require any further information we strongly recommend that you contact the US Embassy’s Live Operator Information Service on 0904 2450100 (calls cost £1.20 per minute at the time of going to print) or visit the US Embassy website on www.usembassy.org.uk for further information.



    Please note you will be dealing with CIBT direct and whilst we recommend CIBT we cannot be held liable for any delays or problems that may occur.  Please note there will be a process fee applicable to all visa applications made through the CIBT. In the event of cancellations or alterations to your holiday our Booking Conditions apply and we regret we cannot be held liable for any costs you may incur as a result. You will also be responsible for advising CIBT of any changes or cancellations.




    Due to the historic nature and layout of some towns together with current transport regulations, access to places visited and hotels by coach may be limited particularly in Europe. Hotels may also be located in hilly terrain. Clients are advised that a significant amount of walking may be involved. Many of the places visited are extremely old and there are often cobbled streets, uneven steps and terraces. It is important that you take extra care when walking and wear appropriate footwear.