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Introducing our Nature and Wildlife holidays

Flora and Fauna play an important part whilst making a decision where to go on holiday. Think of the amazing photos of the wildlife, getting so close to some of the most fascinating species, seeing them in their natural habitat. Experience the ‘greatest show on earth’ the annual migration in Africa, meet the Big Five and delight in bird watching.

Nature and Wildlife holidays:

There are many beautiful things you can see on your holidays, from stunning cathedrals and impressive buildings to breathtaking mountains and pretty shorelines. However, a sight that manages to astound travellers time and time again is that of wildlife.

As you would expect from all of our holidays, you will enjoy first-class service from start to finish. We also strive to ensure you not only see majestic creatures up close, but that you can also learn as much as possible about them.

Viewing wildlife in its natural habitat is one of the most memorable things you can experience and we work with expert local guides so you know exactly how to act around the animals and how to spot whether a particular creature is nearby.

For a holiday with a difference, discover Titan Travel's unique range today.

Safaris in Kenya and Tanzania include game drives at world-famous national parks where the big five roam and humankind first evolved. Big cats, desert elephants, deep red sand dunes and petrified forests complete the strange and wondrous picture of Namibia and South Africa combines outstanding wildlife-watching with a host of other holiday pleasures. Travel with Titan to enjoy luxury hotels and lodges, 4x4 safari vehicles and the services of the most experienced ranger-guides.

African safaris are one of the most popular wildlife holidays people take and there are many tour operators offering such trips. At Titan Travel, our safaris in Kenya, Namibia, Tanzania and South Africa go that extra mile to stand out from the crowd.

Our Tanzania package has small group sizes, which not only makes the getaway more intimate for you, but could also help you in your quest to spot amazing animals such as elephants, leopards and lions.

Around 30,000 large mammals roam across the Ngorongoro Crater - the biggest, unbroken caldera in the world - against the backdrop of the jaw-dropping Mount Kilimanjaro.
Of course, the journey will take you through the Serengeti National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the oldest national park in Tanzania. All of the Big Five roam here - the African elephant, lion, rhino, leopard and Cape buffalo.

If you are a particular big cat enthusiast, you will no doubt enjoy our wildlife holidays to India and Sri Lanka, where you will get the opportunity to view tigers. In India, the 410 sq km Ranthambore National Park is home to the elusive Indian tiger, and if you are lucky enough to spot this majestic creature you can be sure it will be a highlight of your holiday. You may also come across sloth bears, monkeys and leopards.

Should you decide to head to countries with a colder climate for a wildlife adventure, Canada should make your shortlist. From whale-watching on a boat to encounters with grizzly bears, the destination certainly provides ample opportunity for you to enjoy some magical moments.

Some of the more unusual destinations we also travel to include the Galapagos. This unique, volcanic archipelago is a haven for wildlife fans and you certainly will feel as though you are the only ones to have discovered this place, such is its tranquillity.

From marine iguanas and Galapagos penguins to red-throated frigatebirds and fur seals, you will not know where to look first! Cruising round the islands means you can appreciate the stunning landscape from afar, before moving nearer to get up close and personal with nature.

Charles Darwin based his evolutionary theories on the scenes he witnessed here and you will surely marvel at the sights you can see.

Whichever wildlife holiday you decide to go on, you can be sure to experience the award-winning Titan Travel service that our customers enjoy.

Titan Travel - for memorable wildlife experiences

At Titan Travel, our wildlife holiday itineraries are drawn up to make them as varied and interesting as possible, allowing you to really get to know the place you are visiting.

For example, on the Galapagos Explorer II ship, there will be resident naturalists to help you learn more about the area and the amazing animals.

Like all our breaks, you will also enjoy our VIP Home Departure Service, where a chauffeur will pick you up outside your front door to take you to the port or airport.

For an unforgettable experience on a wildlife break, contact Titan Travel today.