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Introducing our Great Journeys

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go? Is there some far-flung destination you have always dreamed of visiting? There are so many wonderful countries to explore, so many adventures to begin, and with Titan you can travel in style and comfort to many of the world’s most beautiful and most engaging places. Titan’s great journeys are truly special escorted tours, visiting fantastic worldwide destinations which top many seasoned travellers’ wish-lists, including the spectacular Canadian Rockies, China’s awe-inspiring Yangtze River, and the beautiful Californian coastline.
These are longer than average tours that allow you plenty of time to really get to know your chosen region and to immerse yourself in the local culture, seeing so much on one trip. Our escorted holidays include a host of excursions and activities, too, offering fantastic value for money as well as a wonderful opportunity to explore sites off the beaten track.

Great Journeys: