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Introducing our Great Journeys

Follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest travellers in history. From experiencing far-flung exotic places, the cold climate of the Arctic to the remarkable historic landmarks, great journeys allow you to bring to life the images you have conjured up in your mind.

Great Journeys:

Some of the most exciting holiday experiences take the form of an epic journey, whether it's across a specific region or an entire country.

Choose from a wide selection of great journeys at Titan Travel - our escorted breaks and rail tours cover a diverse range of destinations, with all of our itineraries especially designed for British travellers.

Our escorted holidays include a host of excursions and activities, offering fantastic value for money as well as a wonderful opportunity to explore sites off the beaten track.
North American rail tours and holidays

The journey along Route 66 between Chicago and Los Angeles is perhaps the most famous road trip in the world.

Our escorted Route 66 coach tour travels through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona before finishing up in California, stopping at attractions such as the Painted Desert in Albuquerque and the magnificent Grand Canyon.
Other great journeys in North America include a coast-to-coast US rail tour, beginning in New York and ending in San Francisco, with stops at the Rocky Mountain National Park, the Grand Canyon and Hollywood included.

Want to focus on a particular part of the continent? Our Calgary Stampede and the Rockies adventure - which includes a Columbia Icefield Ice Explorer tour - is a great way to get to know Canada, while our deluxe Alaskan cruise complete with a train trip on the Rocky Mountaineer is perfect for exploring this area on the Chilkoot Trail.

Alternatively, you might want to see the Rockies from the US with our touring holiday through Colorado, New Mexico and Arizona along the Turquoise Trail or find out more about California's gold mining and movie legacy with our epic 17 Mile Drive trip along the Pacific coast and to the bright lights of Las Vegas and beyond.
South America and beyond

It's not just North America that boasts numerous opportunities for great journeys. Our grand tour of South America takes in attractions and locations ranging from Machu Picchu in Peru to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, offering a comprehensive overview of this vibrant continent.

You can also go on the trail of the Incan or Mayan civilisations with our specialist touring holidays focusing on the main sites associated with these ancient peoples.
Away from the Americas, Titan Travel's Nile cruise takes in the Luxor's temples, the Valley of the Kings and the Temple of Kom Ombo, while our Jordan with ancient Petra tour travels the King's Highway from Amman to Aqaba, giving you the chance to take in buildings thousands of years old and some stunning desert vistas.

Head to Africa and you can experience the Desert Highway in Namibia on our epic great journey filled with wildlife, historical wonders and immense landscapes or see the diverse flora and fauna of South Africa on the Garden Route, which includes lakes, forests, parks and more for an unforgettable holiday.

Titan Travel - for great journeys to remember

Book a great journey with Titan Travel and not only can you take advantage of tours to a wide range of destinations, but you can also benefit from a host of services that set our holidays apart from the rest.

Our packages offer fantastic value for money when you consider the fact that other operators usually charge extra for the excursions and activities we include as standard, while our VIP Home Departure Service gets your adventure off to the best possible start with free transfers to your airport or port.

To find out more about our rail tours, cruises and holidays along some of the most famous routes in the world, get in touch with us or request or download our brochure for more details.