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Rhine River Cruises

If you are searching for a European holiday this year, the river Rhine, stretching from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea, promises travellers an unforgettable journey. The Rhine has long been important to Europe: viewed by the Roman Empire as the edge of the civilised world, the river acted as a natural barrier between the region's Celtic and Germanic tribes. Today, Titan offers our modern travellers the opportunity to experience this fascinating area of Europe from the comfort of one of our luxury cruise ships.

The Rhine begins in the Swiss canton of Grisons, raging through steep mountain gorges before slowing to become the tranquil river of classic literature and legend. The Rhine's dramatic, mythic past is well known in the countries it travels through: the water nymph Lorelei is thought live beneath its surface, while the great German knight, Siegfried, is purported to have slain a dragon on the river's shore. For centuries, the waters of the Rhine served the communities that grew around it, feeding settlements, vineyards and farms and acting as a vital trade route connecting nations.

Rhine Cruises