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Introducing our River cruises

When you are choosing your next holiday the first question that needs to be answered is where to go. Do you want to see beautiful and historic cities, awe-inspiring rural vistas, or all the small towns and villages in between? More and more of our customers are finding that the answer to this is a river cruise – a holiday which takes you to towns, cities and shows you all the breath-taking scenery along the way, all from the comfort and luxury of one of our ships.

Travelling in style and embracing a more leisurely pace, it is easy to see why river cruises are becoming an increasingly popular way to travel. Discovering historic cities and witnessing the stunning panoramas from the comfort of a ship has been popular as ocean cruises for a long time, but now more and more people are finding out how much there is to be seen from the great waterways of Europe, Russia and China. Unwrap a whole new way of travelling and discover the holidays that await you when combining Titan’s award-winning service with some of the world’s greatest rivers.