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Introducing our Ocean cruises

If you have ever wondered if cruise holidays would be right for you, you are probably not alone. Titan Travel fully appreciates that it can be difficult to make the right choice. With our vast range of cruising itineraries and styles to suit every travellers need, you will always find something to suit you.

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One of the best ways to discover what the world has to offer is by taking ocean cruises. Allowing you to seamlessly and conveniently get from one destination to the next, cruises on the open sea enable you to explore a corner of the world in style. While facilities like spas and a la carte restaurants can often add the finishing touches to ocean cruises, at Titan Travel we understand that our customers want to come away from their holiday with a greater knowledge of the places they visited. Our escorted excursions allow you to enjoy the in-depth experience of a guide who will answer all your questions about the sites you explore.

To find out more about the destinations and itineraries Titan Travel offers, why not request or download one of our ocean cruises brochures today?

Titan Travel - for ocean cruises with a difference

You will have plenty of time to relax onboard as you cruise between destinations - but we know that you will soon be itching to step on to dry land to discover exotic locations and their history and culture.

Indeed, you will find some hidden gems nestled among our more frequently visited countries, which are perfect if you would like to enjoy a break that is a little bit different.

The Mediterranean is an ever-popular ocean cruise destination due to the rich culture that can be found here - as well as plenty of stunning landscapes and beautiful weather.

Greece and Italy are firm favourites with those holidaymakers who want to learn more about the impressive history the countries have, as well as sample the culinary delights they offer. The Italian Lakes and the breathtaking Greek island of Santorini take on a whole new level of beauty when approached from afar on a ship. Croatia is also proving its popularity as a Mediterranean ocean cruise destination and the walled city of Dubrovnik - which enjoys UNESCO World Heritage Status - is worth getting to know.

Other ocean cruises we are proud to offer at Titan Travel are those in the British Isles. While holidays are often booked in far-flung places, you might have forgotten all about the gems England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales are home to.

After learning more about the history and heritage of the countries, you are likely to come away with a new-found appreciation for them.

Whether you stay close to home or go as far afield as possible - perhaps Canada, New Zealand or Russia - you will enjoy the same first-class service that Titan Travel provides. It is these added touches that make our ocean cruises truly unique and why so many of our customers book breaks with us time and time again.

We believe your holiday should begin as soon as you step out of your home, which is why we provide a our VIP Home Departure Service where you will be comfortably chauffeur driven to your airport.

An experienced tour manager will also oversee your break and be on hand 24/7 to help you with any requests you may have.

Contact Titan Travel to find out more about our wide selection of ocean cruises for a refined and educational holiday experience.