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    Volga and Neva

    Volga and Neva River Cruises

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    ‘Mother Volga’ plays a critical role in Russian daily life, and has shaped the history of its region for thousands of years, from the earliest European settlements to the grim battle of Stalingrad. Its cities were among the largest and most influential in the medieval world, and it was during the Middle Ages that the river began to be celebrated in folklore, art and literature, engendering a deep affection and affi nity for the Volga amongst the Russian people that endures to this day.

    The rivers Volga and Neva are linked by Lake Ladoga, presenting the opportunity for river cruise passengers to discover not only the iconic sights of Moscow and the ‘Golden Ring’ cities of Uglich and Yaroslavl, but also the peerless cultural and architectural treasures of St Petersburg.

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