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Holidays in Chile

A testament to nature's beauty and power; a country of startling contrasts from the salt deserts of the north to the south's spectacular glaciers and lakes, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean to the west and the mighty Andes to the east.

This uniquely shaped country never exceeds 150 miles in width and its dramatic forests, deep ravines and snow-capped volcanoes support a wealth of flora, fauna and wildlife.

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Tipping is customary for obtaining good service. For service in restaurants etc. 15% is usual .


Peso ($) 1$ = 100 centavos.


A variety of foods are available, especially fish and potato dishes. Chile also produces a number of fine wines. Please note: You should be aware that any
food items (including fruit) are prohibited when entering Chile and you can be fined $200 per item.


Hello- Hola, Goodbye- Chau, Please- Por favor, Thank you- Gracias, Yes- Si, No- No


GMT - 4 hours


220V, 50Hz. 2 round pins.


As Chile is a long, narrow country, temperatures drop the further south you travel. In the north, in January-March, temperatures are generally warm, dropping slightly between October-November. In the far south, it will be significantly colder.


For the latest country specific information please check the website for National Travel Health Network and Centre

Passports and visas

No visa is needed for British citizens to enter Chile. A standard 10 year British passport is required for all holidays, which must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned date of return travel.

Flight time

From London to Santiago is approx 15 hours