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Holidays on Route 66

Route 66, sometimes referred to as 'America's Main Street', begins in Chicago, before routing south and west across the United States. The road visits dozens of famous locations - including St Louis, Albuquerque and Las Vegas - before reaching its sun-drenched end, in Los Angeles, California. First started in 1926, Route 66 has served its nation's need for travel and expansion ever since, transporting millions of people, to some of the United States' greatest destinations. Constructed in stages throughout the 20th century, Route 66 was finally finished in 1985 as a glorious finale to centuries of continental expansion.

Connecting the eastern and western United States, it is Route 66's sheer scope which makes it so popular with tourists. Titan offer a range of US tours including our ever-popular Route 66 tour - complete with opportunities to visit the highlights of the United States and create enduring, unique holiday experiences.

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Travelling on Route 66 evokes the pioneer spirit at the roots of North American civilisation. Following in the footsteps of the frontiersmen who, hundreds of years ago, made those epic journeys west, our Route 66 holidays promise hundreds of exciting sights and experiences along the length of the famous road.

The city of Chicago acts as a gateway to Route 66 but as you leave the stylish skyscrapers of the Windy City behind, the rustic, natural beauty of the United States quickly opens up. Highlights of Route 66's eastern sections include the reconstructed village of New Salem, where Abraham Lincoln made his home in the 1830s and, to the south, the St Louis Arch, erected to honour Present Jefferson's push to connect his country. 

Moving further south, Oklahoma City evokes the USA's frontier past, in monuments commemorating the Great Land Run of 1889, in which thousands of settlers surged into the west to stake their claim on vacant land. As Route 66 itself turns west, desert landscapes begin to encroach and the Texas Panhandle looms - along with the skyline of Amarillo, a city at the heart of civil war battles, popular culture and the glorious 'black gold' oil industry.

Past the dramatic desert vistas of America's south, Route 66 heads directly for the coast, past the epic and breathtaking Grand Canyon and through the glittering neon delights of Las Vegas. Route 66's end lies in California and the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles. The glamorous city is an oasis of sights, sounds and experiences - and a thrilling end to any journey along one of the longest road routes on the planet.

We have captured the heritage and culture of Route 66 in one of our most popular tours: 'Historic Route 66, America's Main Street'. From the comfort of a luxury touring coach, we bring travellers to the highway's every incredible highlight. From our start point in Chicago, destinations like Springfield, St Louis and Albuquerque tell the story of the United States' history, including its Native cultures, and the birth of a nation created by explorers. The Grand Canyon makes for a jaw-dropping example of the continent's natural wonder, while glittering, hedonistic Las Vegas is a testament to the decadence and excitement of the nation's extravagant human achievement. The tour is vast, adventurous and exciting - and never less than memorable.

Our tours along Route 66 and the wider United States are designed to be unforgettable and we want you to enjoy every moment of them. Our VIP Home Departure Service takes you from your doorstep to the airport via chauffeur service, while our Tour managers work constantly to make sure every step of your journey is perfect. Excursions along Route 66 are included as part of our service - meaning you will be free to sit back, relax and discover the hidden treasures of an entire country at your leisure.

While the first pioneers' experience may have been a little harder than your luxury air conditioned coach and top end accommodation, the memories you create on Route 66 promise to be just as special.