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Alaskan Tour Holidays

The largest state of the United States by area is also the country’s most unspoilt and breathtakingly scenic region, with intricate fjords, colossal blue-streaked glaciers, majestic snow-capped mountains and pristine valleys. Roaring, glacier-fed rivers are patrolled by families of grizzly bear, bald eagles soar overhead and whales are frequently spotted in the sparkling coastal waters. A delightful cruise ship plying the stunning coastline of Alaska presents the best and most relaxing vantage point on this natural wonderland. And, as the vessels depart from Vancouver and Seattle, Alaskan cruises combine perfectly with a tour of the highlights of western Canada or the northwest United States of America. 

A fascinating cultural heritage awaits discovery from vibrant native communities to onion-domed cathedrals that dates back to the days when this land was under Russian ownership. 

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