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Holidays in The Caribbean

The name ‘Caribbean’ is derived from the name of the first Indian tribe when the islands were discovered, the Caribs. Another common name for the Caribbean is the “West Indies” which is derived from Columbus’ mistake when he believed he had reached the “Indies” that was actually Southeast Asia.

Titan offer cruises that present unmissable opportunities to appreciate the bewitching beauty and enthralling colonial heritage of the sun-soaked Caribbean.

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Endless sunshine, clear blue waters, beaches that go on forever - all of these are reason enough to book a luxury Caribbean cruise.

Look beyond the appearance of this destination, however, and you will also find a rich history, friendly people and wonderful architecture.

Go on a cruise to the Caribbean with Titan Travel and you will be given every opportunity to fully appreciate both the region's beauty and its vibrant culture through our included excursions and tours at each stop.

Whether you want to follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus or combine your exploration with a trip to South America, our Caribbean cruises offer the perfect way to see this spectacular region.

Islands of the Caribbean
Titan Travel's cruises to the Caribbean take in a host of destinations, enabling you to experience the unique atmosphere of each island.

Barbados is one of the most popular countries in the region, thanks to its pristine beaches and bustling urban centres. The twin-island nation of Trinidad and Tobago is also something of a hotspot - it is home to the world's oldest protected forest reserve and hosts the famous Carnival every year.

Martinique and Guadeloupe's French heritage makes for a wonderfully Gallic atmosphere on both islands, while St Maarten is notable for being shared by France and the Netherlands.

Sail towards the British Virgin Islands and you'll be able to experience the natural beauty and luxury of Tortola. Antigua, meanwhile, has enough beaches to enable you to visit a different one on each day of the year and Dominica is the perfect destination if you want to soak up the outstanding natural sights of the Caribbean.

Fishing villages, volcanoes and more await you in St Vincent, while St Lucia has a wealth of natural riches, including rainforests and a variety of flora and fauna. Elsewhere, the Spice Isle of Grenada is a haven for food lovers.

 Titan Travel cruises give you the opportunity to explore the destinations through included and optional tours and activities that cover not just the most popular attractions on each island, but also those located away from the beaten track.

Experience the Titan difference 

Compare Titan Travel's Caribbean cruises with those offered by other operators and you will soon find our fantastic range of included excursions, dedicated tour manager services and other benefits provide excellent value for money.

We don't claim to have the cheapest Caribbean holiday cruises, but we do ensure our customers get the very best for the money they do pay.

All of our itineraries are designed by experts with the needs of British travellers in mind and our packages include flights, door-to-door transfers via our VIP Home Departure Service, high-quality hotels, full board-basis meals during the cruise itself and all airport and port taxes, along with air passenger duty and security costs.

Many of our cruises also include complimentary credit worth up to £200 for a host of onboard expenses and, once you've booked and enjoyed one of our holidays, you will become a Privileged Client who can enjoy discounts on most of the further breaks you book with us in future.