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Holidays in Malaysia

Malaysia is a country of contrasts, from the glistening skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur to the vast Cameron Highlands and the tea plantations. 

It truly is a destination that is perfect if you want to compare Far Eastern traditions with the fast-paced and bustling metropolises that have sprung up. 

At Titan Travel, we understand that you want your touring holidays to include a well-organised, interesting and varied itinerary, along with plenty of opportunities to unwind and relax.
This is why we think our getaways to Malaysia are ideal, as they provide a well-balanced adventure that will allow you to learn, see and do lots, but without feeling as though you need another holiday at the end of it!

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Tipping is customary for obtaining good service. For service in restaurants etc. 10% is usual .


Ringgit (RM or M$) 1RM = 100 sen - it is not possible to obtain Ringgit outside of Malaysia.


Every type of cooking from South East Asia can be tasted. Malay food concentrates on subtleties of taste using a blend of spices. Singapore is renowned for the Singapore Gin Sling.


Hello-Selamat Tengah Hari
Goodbye - Selamat Jalan
Please- Silakan
Thank you- Terima kasih
Yes- Ya
No- Tidak


GMT + 8 hours


220-240V, 50Hz. Sockets are the same as the UK, so no adaptor is required.

Passports and visas

No visa is needed for British citizens to enter Malaysia. 

A standard 10 year British passport is required for all holidays, which must be valid for at least 6 months beyond your planned date of return travel.

Flight time

From London to Kuala Lumpur is approx 13 hours and 40 mins