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    Experience the unique romance of Kenya – the romance of empire; the romance of spectacular lanscapes immortalised in the film Out of Africa; and, above all, the romance of a ‘classic’ safari.

    Traverse the lush rainforests and sun-baked plains, anticipation building, in search of the iconic ‘big five’, a phrase coined by safari hunters in less enlgightened times to describe the five most difficult animals to take down with a single shot – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and buffalo – and a wonderful checklist for modern day travellers looking only to shoot the perfect photograph.

    With an extraordinary number of national parks and habitats ranging from arid plains to mountain forests and verdant wetlands, Kenya is regarded by many as the world’s best safari destination.  The wildlife-watching possibilities here are endless.

    Discover Kenya on a Titan Travel touring holiday

    For a truly memorable holiday, there is perhaps nowhere quite like Kenya. Visit the country which is located on the eastern coast of Africa - and you'll be able to explore vast landscapes, go on safari to spot exotic animals and stay in wonderful lodges.

    However, there will also be plenty of opportunity to learn more about Kenyan culture during the course of your escorted tour, from visiting the bustling capital of Nairobi to meeting the famous Masai tribe.

    Come to Titan Travel to book a touring holiday of Kenya and you'll be well placed to take in all this amazing country has to offer. We handpick all the accommodation and excursions on our breaks to create itineraries specifically designed for discerning British travellers.

    Whether on a singles holiday or travelling in a group, you'll be in the company of one of our expert tour managers throughout the course of your break, so you can be confident your every need will be taken care of.

    Aberdare National Park

    Given the vast array of wildlife to be found in Kenya, it should be little surprise it is often referred to as the best safari destination in the world, so in coming here you'll be able to glimpse creatures that you have previously only ever seen on nature documentaries.

    Visit the Aberdare National Park and you can be certain of seeing some captivating creatures. Buffalos, black rhinos and baboons all call the park home, as do hundreds of species of birds, including the golden-winged sunbird.

    Elephants are typically found around waterholes and salt licks, and these majestic creatures are often an intimidating presence for other creatures who are looking to get a drink.

    Situated in Kenya's central highlands, the park encompasses a wide variety of landscapes - ranging from bamboo forests to towering mountain peaks - so a trip here is the perfect chance to capture dramatic natural scenery on your camera.

    Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha

    Even more fantastic wildlife can be seen at Lake Nakuru National Park. Regarded as something of an ornithologist's paradise, every year thousands of flamingos come here to feed on the algae that live in the body of water. However, by going on a big game drive you can also spot black and white rhinos, lions and leopards.

    Lake Naivasha National Park, meanwhile, contains a similarly diverse array of wildlife. Keen birdwatchers will be in their element here as more than 400 species - including woodpeckers, cuckoos and hawks - have been seen flying in the vicinity. However, there are also plenty of land-based mammals to keep an eye out for, among them hippos and colobus monkeys.

    From here, you can visit Crescent Island - a private game sanctuary situated in a partially-submerged volcanic crater - where herds of zebras and gazelles roam, before spending the night in a comfortable lodge.

    Masai Mara National Reserve

    While the above reserves make for splendid safari trips, they perhaps pale in comparison to the iconic Masai Mara National Reserve - or the Mara as it is referred to by the locals.

    The famous wildlife migration take place between August to October and sees millions of wildebeest, zebras and other creatures cross over the Mara River in the search for fresh grazing pastures.

    Here, you'll find all of Africa's 'big five' creatures - lion, black rhino, elephant, buffalo and leopard - as well as other animals such as crocodiles and baboons, so in every direction you're bound to see something exciting.


    However, there is much more to touring holidays of Kenya than just amazing safari excursions. You can spend time in Nairobi - the country's capital - and visit attractions such as Uhuru Gardens and the Nairobi National Museum, before relaxing in your luxury hotel.

    You may even get the chance to meet members of the Masai tribe during your trip, who are perhaps best known for their brightly-coloured outfits and traditional jumping dance.

    • Zebra's in Kenya

      Zebra's in Kenya

    • Black Rhino and calf

      Black Rhino and calf

    • Elephant


    • Wildebeest on migration

      Wildebeest on migration

    • Zebras


    • Chale Island, near Mombasa

      Chale Island, near Mombasa

    • Masai Tribal Dance

      Masai Tribal Dance