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Meet the Tour Managers

The passion for travel that inspires everything we do is perhaps most evident in the Titan tour manager. This experienced, personable professional accompanies the travelling group throughout, often from the UK, and provides great organisation to ensure that a tour runs smoothly, and often also an introductory guiding service to destinations for which they have great affection. Titan travellers, even those of a more independent nature, come to hold their tour manager in the highest regard.

Additionally, local guides, such as the friendly ranger-guides at Mala Mala and the experienced naturalists at Knight Inlet provide a more specialist insight into a particular attraction or experience.

We recently introduced state-of-the-art, wireless Quietvox headsets on a number of our tours, particularly in Europe. These devices allow you to appreciate the commentary of the tour manager and local guide as you make your own explorations.

Some Titan travellers have been known to base their holiday choice on their favourite tour manager’s schedule! 

Anita’s passion for travel started from an early age when her grandfather travelled the world and would send home postcards from faraway places. She would lie awake at night dreaming about going to those distant lands and imagining what it would be like. As a child Anita travelled a lot before going onto study Modern Languages and History at University. Following University she went on to backpack around Europe and Asia, sold ice cream on the beach in the south of France, worked as a ski instructor in Austria and taught English in Bangkok. It was this love of travel and her desire to share her experiences with others that inspired Anita to become a Tour Manager, a role she has fulfilled with Titan for 10 years now. 

Anita Mandl

John joined the travel industry shortly after leaving school, back when the horizon of tourism was just Spain, Greece and the rest of Europe. With his early life in boarding school John longed to travel and realise his childhood dreams - his passion for travel and hospitality has always played a big part in his life. While working as a resort representative in Spain, he met and married his wife and as a couple ran a hotel and then a public house for 20 years, during which time they brought up their two daughters. John’s wanderlust then returned and he re-joined the travel industry – he has now been a Titan Tour Manager for 17 years.
John Allen

A solicitor by profession, John is now non-practising and a tour manager with Titan for 17 years. It is his love of travel plus a desire to explore as much of the world as possible stemming from reading and learning about different countries and cultures that inspired his career as a tour manager. For John, the uniqueness of a Titan tour manager is down to a desire to share the world with others and a dedication to the job resulting in our clients having a special holiday experience.
John England

Karen has been with Titan now for over 20 years and has travelled to a huge range of destinations, including USA, Canada, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Australia and New Zealand. She has many highlights with Titan, including the delight at seeing a blue footed booby in the Galapagos, experiencing the serenity of the Antarctic, the skies ablaze at New Year in Sydney, sipping champagne under the stars at Uluru and the power of the migration of wildebeest, to name but a few. Her ability to be flexible and will to take on challenges make her perfectly suited to the Titan Tour Manager role. Her top destination to take Titan passengers is Australia.
Karen Power

Mark’s desire to become a Tour Manager stems from his desire to escape his roots and move away from his home town of Ipswich. Having always deemed himself to be inquisitive, enjoy a challenge and be open minded to new experiences, it seemed fitting to travel and see the world. Mark has been a Titan Tour Manager for well over 10 years now. He believes all tour managers are unique in various ways and each have their own way of doing things. Mark personally believes the difference is to build a personal and familiar relationship with the group. In fact, many of Mark’s fondest memories of destinations have been because of the groups he was with – "it's the people that make the tour".
Mark Thompson

Rob’s passion for travel started from a very young age, and never waned. Although born in London, Rob’s formative years were spent in a leafy village in Kent. His work background prior to the Tourist Industry was in Market Research. However due to an insatiable curiosity, his wanderlust led him to taking group tours which he has now been doing for over twenty five years, fourteen of which with Titan. No matter how many times Rob leads a tour, there is always something new to explore, and more interesting people to meet. Titan's many diverse and fascinating tours mean Rob is always kept on his toes. 

Rob Ingold

Ron has progressed over this 16 years with Titan to become one of our lead tour managers. He is a member of the selection committee of Titan Tour Managers and is heavily involved in the training of our Tour Managers to ensure they meet the exceptionally high standards expected. He has also been involved in Titan’s product development and recently travelled to Burma to inspect our tour itinerary prior to departures commencing. Burma remains Ron’s top destination for 2015 – “it’s just an amazing country”.

Ron Disney

Originally an Essex girl from humble beginnings, Selene’s mother was the driving force behind her travel. Whilst at college, Selene worked on an American Summer Camp and later, a Kibbutz in Israel, where she milked cows twice a day…quite a change from her holiday and weekend job in Harrods perfumery! After this, Selene had itchy feet and was keen to see as much of the world as possible. She spent a period of time back packing around the Middle East and Europe, before joining a travel company as an Overseas Representative and later Resort Manager. After 8 years in these roles, Selene felt the need to put her suitcase away for a period of time but the lure of the open road brought her back out of retirement and she began life as a Tour Manager specializing in South America, China and India. Selene has now been working for Titan for 6 years and has been fortunate to have been to some of the world’s most spectacular place.

Selene Tomlinson

Valerie’s passion for travel is inspired by a love of learning about the world and experiencing different cultures. She enjoys languages and the deeper understanding it gives of a country, its people and their traditions – Valerie can speak French, Italian and German. It is this interest in travel, culture and in meeting interesting people that inspired Valerie to become a Titan Tour Manager, a role she has undertaken since 1999. During her time as a Tour Manager Valerie has visited countless destinations across the USA, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Her favourite destination is Italy, as she loves the history, language, climate and people.
Valerie Aris